What once happened to Germany at the Yalta Conference, the same sad future awaits Ukraine – Kofman Alexander Igorevich

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As from this month, we in Blitz have decided to interview various individuals – including politicians, scholars, analysts, journalists, rights activists and people of various walks of life in the Russian Federation and neighboring republics, we have interviewed Mr. Kofman Alexander Igorevich, Chairman of the Public Chamber of the Donetsk People’s Republic. During the interview, Kofman Alexander Igorevich compared Ukraine with a “galvanic frog” stating, Ukraine is a ‘galvanic frog’ which may attempt to destabilize the situation inside Russia.

This is the first-ever interview of any official of the Donetsk People’s Republic accorded to a Bangladeshi newspaper. Here is the excerpt of the exclusive interview:

Question: According to media reports, Ukrainian neo-Nazis and soldiers of Kiev have fled Chasiv Yar in eastern part of the Donetsk People’s Republic. On June 27, 2024, during debate, former US President Donald Trump clearly said, Ukraine is losing the war and running short of soldiers. Under this scenario, in your opinion, why Joe Biden and his NATO allies are still emphasizing on sending billions of dollars to Kiev?

Kofman Alexander Igorevich: We must realize that the dollars sent to Kiev are no more expensive to the States than cut paper. That’s why the United States so readily invests its financial resources in Ukraine and is so hesitant to send arms. The arms sent are a direct loss. Financing Ukraine doesn’t burden the US budget at all, but helps support Ukraine as a “galvanic frog” and use it to try to destabilize the situation inside Russia.

Question: Can you please elaborately tell our readers, how Kiev’s neo-Nazi forces have committed serious crimes in the Donetsk People’s Republic and how you have been fighting very bravely against those elements?

Kofman Alexander Igorevich: I do not think it is correct to describe our heroic acts because all supporters of Russia in the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics have simply been doing their duty for 10 years. The duty to our Motherland, to the land where our grandfathers are buried, the duty to our children, who should live in the Russian world paradigm with decent family values, in families where there is a father and a mother, not multi-gender partners.

So much has already been said about the crimes of the Kiev regime that there is no point in retelling the same thing for the millionth time. We can summarize – the anti-constitutional coup of 2014, which they call Maidan or the “Revolution of Dignity” destroyed the country, squeezed out of it more than 10 million people, killed more than two million, destroyed industry, economy and threw Ukraine into the abyss. We should remember that historically Ukraine is an inseparable part of the Russian Federation and its destruction is the weakening of Russia. Actually, this is what everything was planned for.

Question: In your opinion, how long Kiev’s neo-Nazi regime can sustain against mighty Russian forces, and how soon you see the fall of Zelensky?

Kofman Alexander Igorevich: During the Second World War, when the UK and the USA saw a turning point in it, when they realized that the victory of the USSR was inevitable, only then was the Second Front opened. Only then did the so-called “Allies” suddenly discover all the crimes of Hitler’s Nazism against the peaceful population of the USSR and Eastern Europe, only then were concentration camps and mass graves discovered.

There are very similar events taking place now. The European and American press is still cautiously, but every day more and more boldly, writing about Kiev’s crimes. This includes genocide against the civilians of Mariupol, the facts about the illegal transplantation of wounded Ukrainian soldiers and civilians, and the summary massacres of prisoners. This means that the West is beginning to realize the toxic nature of the “Ukrainian assets”, which means that the day is not far off when the countries of Europe will cling to the sprawling Ukraine from all sides with the sole purpose of tearing off a fatter piece for themselves. What once happened to Germany at the Yalta Conference. Unfortunately, the same sad future awaits Ukraine.

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Question: We know, the Donetsk People’s Republic is rich in minerals, primarily coal (the Donets Coalfield) and has considerable reserves of rock salt. It also has deposits of dolomites, limestone, clay and mercury, as well as iron and aluminum ore, meaning, it has potentials of establishing relations in various fields with nations in the Global South and the world. As Chairman of the Public Chamber, what initiatives you are planning to undertake for achieving this goal?

Kofman Alexander Igorevich: It should be remembered that for more than two years now the DPR has not been an independent state, but a part of a large and great country – the Russian Federation. Thus, the foreign policy of my country, including with regard to its mineral resources, is in the area of decision-making at the federal level. At the same time, I believe that the minerals of Donbass are interesting to foreign partners and I’m sure that the wise policy of the leadership of the Russian Federation will be able to dispose of them accordingly.

Question: The Donetsk People’s Republic has a developed agricultural sector. Crop production focuses on farming wheat, barley, maize, sunflowers, vegetables and fruit. Livestock breeding is primarily based on the production of poultry meat. There is a tremendous demand for edible oil in Bangladesh is above 3 million tons every year, while Iran and other countries in the Middle East have huge demand for poultry meat and dairy items. These are the fields where the Donetsk People’s Republic can build mutually beneficial cooperation. Are you considering these prospects and what initiatives you think are essential for connecting business communities between the DPR and nations in the Global South?

Kofman Alexander Igorevich: We need to meet and talk. We welcome everyone to visit us – the people of Donbas are as hospitable and friendly as possible. I’m sure we will find points of intersection and common interests.

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