Problematic human rights activists play nasty role against Bangladesh’s sovereignty

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Over the past few decades, the Bangladesh Army has earned significant expertise and high-esteem through its involvement in counter-insurgency endeavors and peacekeeping missions worldwide. Presently, within the Chittagong Hill Tracts region, the internal tranquility and stability of Bangladesh face disruption from a terrorist group known as the Kuki-Chin Army, potentially influenced by hostile external actors. As the Bangladesh Army meticulously executes a coherent operation to counter this terrorist threat, adversaries employ notoriously multifaceted tactics to impede the operation’s progress. Concurrently, the loss of a notable number of the members of the Bangladesh Armed Forces has been noted in the course of this operation. Hence, it is imperative to acknowledge the issue very seriously, and also to identify and expose so-called intellectuals and problematic human rights activists who are assisting the Kuki-Chin terrorist group in their activities, ensuring awareness and safety for the nation.

The forum of 20 human rights organization, led by human rights experts namely Dr Hameeda Hossain (wife of opposition leader Dr Kamal Hossain and mother-in-law of British-born so-called journalist David Bergman), advocate Sultana Kamal and Raja Devasish Roy, has expressed concern over the allegations of harassment of “regular citizens” in the Chattogram Hill Tracts in Bangladesh, where the security forces are conducting operations against the terrorists group.

“Civilians should not be persecuted while conducting operations against Kuki-Chin National Front”, said Human Rights Forum Bangladesh in a statement. As a defense analyst, I am aware that during a counterinsurgency operation, the armed forces adhere rigorously to the ‘Rules of Engagement’ and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). It is expected that Rights Watchdogs monitor and highlight any significant violations of these rules. However, preemptively disclosing such information before it occurs raises doubts about the integrity of their efforts.

Last month, the Kuki-Chin National Front (KNF) carried out a string of attacks on banks, including the abduction of a bank manager, prompting decisive action against the group. Reports indicate that this terrorist organization has been involved in extortion, targeted killings of political activists, and abductions, causing significant distress among the local populace. Compounded by challenging terrain conditions that render it unsuitable for paramilitary forces to mount operations, the Bangladesh government has engaged the Armed Forces to execute a precise and efficient operation in the affected area. The brave and heroic Sons of the Soil – members of Bangladesh Armed Forces are committed to uphold country’s integrity and sovereignty.

The Rights group has asserted, “Alongside members of the KNF, accusations have surfaced regarding the harassment, detention, and arbitrary arrest of civilians from the Bawm community and other indigenous groups by security forces”. Such claims are outrageously immature and warrant concrete evidence. Conventional military forces are equipped with protocols for engaging with civilians in operational zones, encompassing search and identification procedures. This constitutes a significant and intricate process, with all Armed Forces personnel extensively trained in its execution. The objective remains clear: to ensure the apprehension of perpetrators while safeguarding the rights of innocent civilians, with the principle that no innocent individual should face unjust repercussions amidst such operations.

The rights group also asserted, “The movement of individuals and tourists is being restricted, and mobile network speeds have been curtailed. The frequent frisking, firings, and arbitrary arrests have left locals terrified”.

I feel pity for esteemed advocate Sultana Kamal and her team. There is an emergency situation in that particular region, and casualties among the Armed Forces are significant in number. Therefore, it has to be understood that the instructions coming from the security forces are all for the betterment of the people.

“It has been known that 111 people have been arrested and of them four are minors. Relatives of those arrested have alleged that only five out of those arrested are actually linked with KNF, while the rest are normal citizens”, claimed by the rights groups.

People should not be panicked and misguided by these problematic rights activists. It is a routine procedure for identification parade and no innocent will be harassed or maltreated. There is no scope in that operational procedure but it is a hectic process. In my opinion, all our patriotic countrymen would bare the hardship to save our motherland. Our hardship and sacrifices will not go in vain. Only through this procedure, security forces will be able to segregate the innocent. Hopefully, senseless propaganda centering the ongoing operation against Kuki-Chin terrorists shall come to and end and good sense shall prevail in the minds of everyone. My humble request to those rights activists – please don’t play nasty with the sovereignty of Bangladesh. Please refrain from maligning the image of Bangladesh Armed Forces. Enough is enough!


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