Bihar: KK Pathak gave instructions to auction the school furniture, know where this money will be spent


Bihar News: In Bihar, instructions have been given to auction the broken and damaged computers, waste materials of labs and games etc. lying in about 75 thousand government schools. This order has been given by the Additional Chief Secretary of the department, KK Pathak. Additional Chief Secretary had inspected the schools of the state. During this, he had seen damaged furniture in many schools. Apart from this, there was a pile of defective goods. Seeing this, the Additional Chief Secretary has issued an order to remove them immediately. Along with this, these goods will be auctioned.

Rupees will be spent in the development work of schools

Please tell that this is happening for the first time in the state, when these goods will be auctioned. KK Pathak has taken this decision after holding a review meeting with the officials of the department. Along with this, the order of auction has been issued. At the same time, whatever amount will come from the auction of these goods. It will be used in the development work of schools. This amount will be deposited in the development of the school. At present, school principals have been instructed to make a list of defective items. Make a list of items that are not in use.

Instructions to education officers from the department

The school has to submit the tender offer in a closed envelope to the principals of the respective schools. All these can be handed over to the headmaster by 31st July. Before this, buyers will also be able to visit the school to see such items. In this regard, instructions have been given to the education officers from the department. In this new instruction, it has been said that in the inspection of the school, information has been received that many useless items, office equipment, old computers, furniture etc. are kept here and there.

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fixed minimum price of goods

Many such items are kept in the schools, which are of no use. Due to this there is filth in the school premises. Apart from this, children also have difficulty in sitting. In view of all these problems, this new order has been issued. It has been said in the instruction that the minimum price of unusable goods should be fixed. Only after this the goods will be sold. It may be known that a few days ago the officials of the education department and its allied departments inspected more than 68 thousand government schools together.

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the school was inspected

More than 11 thousand employees and officials were involved in the inspection of the school. The command of the inspection was taken by the Additional Chief Secretary of the Education Department, KK Pathak himself. He inspected a total of six schools in Patna and Jehanabad districts. In this, four schools were in Patna district and two were in Jehanabad. Angered by the chaos found in two schools of Patna district, Pathak issued an order to stop the salary of the entire staff of the two schools. According to official information, the salary of the entire staff, including teachers of Regional Higher Secondary School Fatehpur and Government Girls High School Azim Chak in Patna district, was stopped. Along with this, instructions were given to send a proposal for the suspension of the absent teachers.

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A large number of teachers found absent

Apart from Additional Chief Secretary of the Education Department KK Pathak, especially Secretary Baidyanath Yadav, Bihar Mid Day Meal Director Mithilesh Mishra, all the directors of the Education Department were included in the inspection. According to the preliminary report of the inspection, the presence of teachers and children in most of the schools was reported to be the highest ever. There was an unexpected increase in the number of children in the school. At the same time, the number of teachers was also very good. However, a large number of teachers were also found absent. The officer who reached the schools saw the attendance sheets of teachers and children. Take photos from your mobile only. Photographs of the present teachers were also taken. Along with this, it was definitely asked that there was no participation in any movement from your place. After this, instructions have been given to replace the damaged furniture in the school.

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