koyal river overflow in gumla after rain two people trapped in current see what happened mtj


Koel river was in spate after the rains in Jharkhand’s Gumla district. Because of this, three tractors got stuck in the river. To avoid drowning, two people climbed on the tractor. Life was in trouble, because the water of the Koel river was rising continuously. In such a situation, the local people showed courage. With the help of a rope, both the youths were taken out of the raging river. The incident is of the Ghaghra police station area of ​​Gumla district. While crossing the North Koel river near Tendar, two tractor drivers got stuck in the river. Vishal Yadav and Rahul Badaik started pleading for help. Some local people heard his call and reached there with a rope. With the help of this rope, both were finally taken out safely. See in the video, how the local people carried out this operation.


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