Political West refuses to accept the biggest illusion about Ukraine war

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For the sake of keeping the “cash cow” alive for an unknown period of time, Western Military Industrial Complex are exerting pressure and influence on policymakers – including key figures in the Biden administration, including President Joe Biden in not letting the war in Ukraine dry-up. Meanwhile, the majority of the leaders in the West, including mighty bosses in the corporate media cartel are receiving “cut” from the amount of aid to Ukraine. In Kiev, Volodymyr Zelensky and his neo-Nazi cohorts also are equal beneficiaries of this massive devilish loot of hundreds of millions of dollars, for which, Zelensky and his cronies are vehemently against ending the war through peaceful means. To Zelensky and neo-Nazis in Kiev, Ukrainian men and women are mere chips and pawns of his war-gambling. He doesn’t care even if additional hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian men and women are killed in the war field. He is desperately pushing his agenda of continuing the war – no matter whether Ukraine ultimately turns into a land of orphans and widows.

Meanwhile, after more than six months of domestic squabbling, American lawmakers have passed an additional US$61 billion for Ukraine. Although the Biden administration and members of US Congress and Senate claimed this fund to be “decisive”, according to ground reports, Kiev is facing severe blow from the mighty Russian forces which are making steady advancement. According to analysts, this additional cash-flow cannot help Volodymyr Zelensky in winning the war as he has admitted Ukrainian forces are crumbling in frontlines against Russia and would lose the war soon.

But this additional cash is not sufficient for Zelensky in winning the war as he has categorically said, once the US$60 billion would be added to a fresh mobilization drive in Ukraine, its re-armed and replenished forces would not only resist Russian pressure but turn the tables and, in the end, perhaps in 2025, win the war. Meaning, Zelensky is signaling of continuing the war at least for another year and it is easily anticipated – pretty soon he will begin to hue and cry for additional billions. In this case, bad news for Zelensky is Donald Trum’’s anticipated victory in the November 5 presidential election. Once Trump resumes office – which is just eight months from now – Washington’s generous cash-flow to Kiev may come to an end.

Despite America’s allocation of additional US$60 billion for its proxy war in Ukraine, there are signs that civilian and military officials with inside knowledge of Ukraine’s situation know that its problems are more profound, and that money will not fix them. That is the most plausible explanation for how rapidly these officials have started lowering expectations and getting demoralized.

Recently some Ukrainian military officers on the frontlines, maintaining their identity undisclosed, have spoken to Swiss magazine Blick where they have predicted that Ukraine will lose the war by the end of this year. One of them, serving on the frontline in the strategically critical town of Chasov Yar, foresees that the Donbass region – that is, most of the country’s east – will come under full Russian control by October 2024. At that point, he surmises, Kiev will have to negotiate with Moscow. While he still uses the popular euphemism of a freeze” and avoids terms such as “capitulation”, under such circumstances these negotiations would clearly amount to a form of surrender.

British newspaper The Economist, quoting Ukrainian commander in Chasov Iar said, he and other officers expect the city to fall to Russian forces, despite the promised injection of Western aid.

The Ukrainian officers interviewed by Swiss newspaper Blick list three reasons behind an inevitable Ukrainian defeat. First, an irredeemable lack of manpower, since, as they put it, the new mobilization “will not save us”. That is plausible, because Ukrainian units are heavily depleted, as Ukrainian commanders have acknowledged. Any mobilization is about trying to fill gaping holes, not about expanding the forces.

Secondly, the Ukrainian officers believe that most of the fresh aid will arrive too late. That fear is well-founded, too, considering the underlying weakness of Western Military Industrial Complex. This is reflected in the fact that less than 14 out of the 60 billion dollars are really earmarked for supplies to be delivered this year. Much of the rest will restock US arsenals. Meaning, in practical terms, Kiev will start getting weapons and military hardware worth US$14 billion sometime during the last quarter of this year, while the remaining amount shall be used for building the stock of US arsenals. There is no scope for Zelensky either in getting hold of the entire US$60 billion by this year. He will get weapons and military hardware worth US$14 billion – majority of which would be the cost of Patriot SAM systems.

According to Drago Bosnic, Special Contributor to Blitz and a geopolitical and military analyst, Zelensky demanded hundreds of such systems and thousands of missiles for winning the war against Russia despite the fact – it is impossible for the political West to meet such ludicrous demand. Reports quoted Zelensky saying, “it’s preferable to have 25 ‘Patriot’ systems, with 6-8 batteries each”. Analysts say, this is a four or perhaps even fivefold increase, a massive difference in comparison to his previous claims.

While The Economist claims the West can supply weapons and military hardware to Ukraine “quickly”, in reality West cannot provide in sufficient quantities now and even in for the foreseeable future. Volodymyr Zelensky also has publicly admitted after meeting NATO General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg – he sees no “positive” developments regarding timely support for Ukraine’s military. He cautioned that although money has been allocated, it is one thing “to have funds” and “as important to see what we can get” with them.

Meanwhile, Hugo Dixon, a columnist with Reuters thinks that the aid package can only be the beginning of a longer and, again, much more expensive effort. Even key figures in the Biden administration have expressed skepticism stating the new aid package may not be enough for Ukraine to win the war against Russia.

These scenarios and statements can bear two reasons – a signal of exiting from the Ukraine war, similarly as Biden has from Afghanistan or mentally preparing the Western public for even longer and deeper engagement in the war and burning unlimited amounts of taxpayer’s cash in the Biden proxy war in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Washington and its European allies are attempting to seize Russian state funds in order to fund war in Ukraine for years. Despite such facts, according to analysts, the Biden administration is actually trying to keep the war alive until this November’s presidential election and stop Russia from an outright victory.


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