Dhanbad: Sanjeev Singh can be brought to RIMS, wife Ragini Singh is protesting


Dhanbad News. Former Jharia MLA Sanjeev Singh can be taken to Ranchi, RIMS for better treatment on Monday. The permission to take him to RIMS was granted by the court only on Saturday. A copy of the court order has been made available to the Mandalkara management. According to the information, in the light of the order received from the court, the Jail Superintendent has demanded the SSP to provide security to take Sanjeev Singh to RIMS. Probably after completing all the process Sanjeev Singh will be sent to RIMS on Monday under tight security.

Ragini does not want her husband to be admitted to RIMS

However, Sanjeev Singh’s wife Ragini Singh and her supporters do not want him to be brought to RIMS. They are continuously opposing it. Ragini Singh, wife of BJP State Working Committee member and former Jharia MLA Sanjeev Singh, has said that her husband’s treatment should be done in a big private hospital in Dhanbad. His family will bear all the expenses. Ragini Singh wrote a letter to the Divisional Jail Superintendent on Sunday, saying that the condition of her husband, who has been lodged in the Dhanbad Divisional Jail for many years, is very serious. She wants to get her sick husband treated at a private specialist hospital in Dhanbad. He is ready to bear all the expenses of the treatment himself. Her husband’s condition in SNMCH is continuously deteriorating. Doctors have referred him for better treatment. But, the jail administration is being negligent. She feared that her husband would not get proper treatment in RIMS. Under the pressure of the government, her husband is not getting proper treatment. They can also be harmed by giving them wrong and harmful medicines in rims. The informers of the scandal are the people of the ruling Congress party. His entire family is associated with the opposition party BJP.

Earlier, Sanjeev Singh’s wife had said – full faith in the judiciary

Earlier, Sanjeev Singh’s wife co-BJP state executive committee member Ragini Singh had said that there is no arrangement for her husband’s treatment in Dhanbad. Doctors of SNMMCH have also advised to take Sanjeev Singh out for better treatment. Still, under the pressure of the government, they are not being sent out. He had said that earlier when Sanjeev’s health had deteriorated. Even during that time, under the pressure of the government, he was not sent out for better treatment. He said that he has full faith in the judiciary. He hoped that the court would allow Sanjeev to be taken out for better treatment. Here, after the court’s decision to get Sanjeev admitted to RIMS, Ragini Singh and her supporters are opposing it.

Currently Sanjeev Singh’s condition is stable

Here, the condition of Sanjeev Singh, admitted in the CCU of SNMMCH, remains stable. Please tell that Sanjeev, who was injured after falling from the chair in the jail, was admitted to SNMMCH on July 11. The medical board constituted for his treatment has advised to send him to RIMS after investigation. In the light of the report of the Medical Board, the court has directed to send him to RIMS.

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