CIP Kanke will soon get new OPD building, Director Basudev Das announced on foundation day


On the 106th Foundation Day of Central Institute of Psychiatry, Kanke, Jharkhand’s capital, Ranchi, CIP Director Prof. (Dr.) Basudev Das made a big announcement. Addressing the Foundation Day function organized on Wednesday (May 17, 2023), Dr. Das said that cip kanke Soon a huge building will be constructed in which there will be a 500 bed hospital along with OPD facility. It will also have the facility of neurosurgery. After it is ready, the people of Jharkhand, Bihar, Bengal will not need to go to Vellore or Bangalore in South India.

CME at CIP Kanke

After the inaugural session of the main function held at CIP Kanke Complex ‘Globalization and mental health marching through the G20 leadership’ But a CME was organized. In this, Dr. Sanjay Kumar Munda put forth his views on the Mental Health of Marginalized Communities in the Era of Globalization.

Backward people and mental problems in the era of globalization

In the RB Davis Hall, located in the Teaching Block of CIP Ranchi, Dr. Munda spoke about the challenges faced by different communities, classes and groups due to globalization. Also told how these challenges can be dealt with. In his address, he also explained in detail about family, social, political, cultural, economic backwardness and its effect. He highlighted both the positive and negative sides of globalization.

Guests inaugurating the CIP Foundation Day function.

Globalization affected these classes the most

Dr. Munda said that globalization has affected women, disabled, elderly and ethnic groups the most. They do not get their rights. Due to this their mental health is affected. Not much attention is paid to these subjects. This is the reason why every third person is still backward in terms of human development.

LGBTQ and mental health: from global to local

CIP Kanke alumnus Dr. Nikhil Kumar gave detailed information on the topic ‘LGBTQ and Mental Health: Global to Local’ (LGBTQ And Mental Health From Global to Local). He clearly said that LGBTQ is not a mental disorder. This is the wish of the people and now there is talk of giving legal recognition to it in India as well.

83 percent of the highest number of people heterosexual in LGBTQ

Dr. Nikhil said that 83 percent of the maximum people in the LGBTQ community are heterosexual. 9 percent are bisexual, 2 percent are transsexual and 3 percent are lesbian or gay. 2 percent are asexual and 1 percent are pansexual. Although Dr. Nikhil said that this is not the exact figure, as there are many opinions on this subject. Many times they do not get recognition in the society.

Doctors working in India and abroad after studying from CIP had come for the function.

LGBTQ have more mental problems than the general population

He told that people of LGBTQ community are more at risk of mental problems as compared to heterosexual men or women. up to 200 per cent. That is, if the number of heterosexual men or women is 100, then mental problems can be seen in 200 people of the LGBTQ community.

Mood disorder is seen in 58.7 percent female bisexuals

Dr. Nikhil Kumar said that 58.7 percent of women identified as bisexual are likely to have a mood disorder, while 44.4 percent of lesbians and 30.3 percent of heterosexual women are likely to have mood-related problems. Talking about anxiety disorder, 57.8 per cent bisexual women, 40.8 per cent lesbian and 31.3 per cent heterosexual women are likely to suffer from it.

Anxiety and Depression in LGBTQ

Similarly, if we talk about men, 36.9 percent of bisexual men may have mood disorder. 42.3 percent of gay and 19.8 percent of heterosexual men are prone to mood disorders. 38.7 percent bisexual, 41.2 percent gay and 18.6 percent heterosexual men remain at risk of anxiety disorder. Dr. Nikhil said that most of the youth of the LGBT community have symptoms of anxiety and depression.

PHOTO: Journey from European Mental Hospital Kanke to CIP, see unseen pictures on 106th foundation day

Mental problem more in LGBTQ

Dr. Nikhil also told that the youth of the LGBTQ community needed mental health care, but they did not get the facility. Dr. Nikhil also gave 10 reasons for this, in which he is afraid of being misunderstood. He also pointed out that research shows that the suicide rate in the LGBTQ community is 3 times higher than that of the general population. The problem of mental health is 2 times, the problem of anxiety is 2.4 times. They are 100 percent ahead of the common people even in consuming drugs. Means double.

Details of the state of mind of Imphal’s lesbians and gays

The figures presented by Dr. Nikhil are shocking. He presented the details of the mental condition of 12 lesbians and 20 gays of Imphal. He told that 25 percent of these people are in depression. 18.7 percent have lived in depression before. 6.2 percent have dysthymia. A large number of people have thoughts of suicide. 9.4 percent are in the low risk zone, 9.4 percent in the moderate zone, but 62 percent are at high risk.

15.6 percent people attempted suicide

In the picture presented by Dr. Nikhil of Imphal’s gays and lesbians, it was told that 15.6 percent people have attempted suicide. 62.5 percent people have started consuming alcohol or any other intoxicant. 31.25 percent people are dependent on some or the other person, while 46.8 percent people have taken a bad drug addiction in an attempt to avoid mental problems.

150 doctors from India and abroad will participate in the 106th Foundation Day celebrations of CIP Kanke, G-20 connection will be seen

70 percent people of LGBTQ community in Gujarat are in depression

If we talk about the condition of 33 LGBTQ community members in Gujarat’s Vadodara city, we will find that 70 percent of them are in depression. 15 percent have thoughts of suicide and 45 percent have either started consuming alcohol or chewing tobacco.

Netherlands first to legalize same-sex marriage

Dr. Nikhil Kumar also told about the attitude of the LGBTQ community around the world. He told that the Netherlands became the first country, which allowed two people of the same sex to marry. Means same sex marriage is recognized. After this, 32 countries have done this till now. India has not yet made a law on this and a wide debate is going on.

24 countries recognize LGBTQ as third gender

24 countries of the world have recognized the people of the LGBTQ community as a third gender, while 133 countries have decriminalized homosexuality. 64 countries have actually made its law. There are also 34 countries that have approved same-sex partners.

Why do people hide mental illness? Delay in treatment causes many losses, said Dr. Basudev Das, director of CIP

Many steps are being taken for the LGBTQ community in India

Dr. Nikhil also told about the steps taken by the Government of India for the LGBTQ community. He told that with the help of NALSA, work has started on Transgender Persons Act 2019 for transgender, intersex, transman and transwoman. Since then many more things have happened. In this, besides the Transgender Person Rule 2020, the National Council for Transgender Person, the Smile (SMILE) program has been started under the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, which can reduce the problems of the LGBTQ community.

Global trends in mother-child mental health: Is India ready?

Dr. Nikhil Kumar was followed by Dr. Malavika Parikh on ‘Global Trends in Mother-Child Mental Health: Is India Ready?’ (Global Trends in Mother-Baby Mental Well-Being: Is India Prepared?) Share your views on the topic. He gave subtle information about a woman’s mental state from conception to her becoming a mother and after that.

Mother-to-be is always under pressure to look happy

Dr. Malvika said that there are many hormonal changes in the body of a woman who is going to be a mother. For 9 months, there is pressure on him that he should always look happy. Even after becoming a mother, people want her to look happy. But, many types of changes keep happening inside him, due to which his mental state keeps on changing continuously. No one pays attention to this. He said that 9 to 35 percent of women in India are at risk of going into depression.

Alert! Youth in the grip of the biggest drug, if not handled now it will be difficult, warns the director of CIP Ranchi

Family takes full care of pregnant women, not after becoming a mother

Dr. Malvika said that when a woman conceives, the whole family starts taking care of her. From his food to other things. But, when she gives birth to a child, the focus of the entire family shifts from the mother to the child’s upbringing. Not only this, after becoming a mother, the woman herself also forgets to take care of herself. She herself starts worrying more about the child.

Women are misbehaved at the time of delivery in the hospital

She said that her mental state is different during pregnancy, during delivery and after delivery. He is well looked after by the family. But, when she reaches the hospital for delivery, the medical staff sometimes misbehave with her, which disturbs her mentally. This is not right. He said that one has to prepare before conception and till after delivery. Such a situation has not yet come in India.

Discussion on the results of the clinical trial of endoxifen

After an in-depth discussion on three topics, the results of the ongoing clinical trial on a medicine at CIP Kanke were also told. In the session on ‘Endoxifen: From Cortex to Clinic’, Dr. Pooja Sharma and Dr. Chandramouli Roy told how effective the drug named ‘Endoxifen’ is in changing the mood. This medicine shows effect within 24 hours and is highly effective in severe mental diseases.

Vice Chancellor of Ranchi University is the chief guest, Director of IIM is the special guest.

Earlier, the opening ceremony was organized in the morning. The Chief Guest of the main function was Dr. Ajit Kumar Sinha, Vice Chancellor, Ranchi University and the Guest of Honor was Prof. (Dr.) Deepak Srivastava, Director, IIM Ranchi. Apart from these, many other guests were also present on the stage. Dr. Deepak Srivastava stressed on adopting a holistic approach and better management for mental and social well-being. On the other hand, Dr. Ajit Kumar Sinha told about the various dimensions of mental change coming in the students in this era of globalization.

New 500 bed hospital will be built, OPD facility will be there

Dr. Basudev Das, Director, CIP gave the welcome address. On this occasion, he told that a new 500-bed hospital is going to be built in CIP Kanke, which will have many facilities including neurosurgery. There will also be a separate OPD. He told about the achievements of the hospital so far as well as what to do in the future.

Different awards given to employees

Former Director of CIP Dr D Ram, Administrative Officer of CIP Dr Avinash Sharma, President of CIP Alumni Dr Dipanjan Bhattacharya and Matron Swarnabala Soran were also present in the programme. Both of them inaugurated CIP Bulletin 2023 and Alumni Newsletter 2023. The employees here were also honored with different awards on the CIP Foundation Day. Dr. Avinash Sharma proposed the vote of thanks.


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