Karan Raj Mehta’s startup ‘Milo Doctor’: Now medical consultation will be easily available, no need to queue


Ranchi, Abhishek Roy: Karan Raj Mehta of Kendua Dhanbad got the idea of ​​his startup ‘Milo Doctor’ while studying civil engineering from BIT Sindri. He was in the second year in the year 2017, when he took Dadi to the Orthopedic specialist. There was a long queue of patients with the doctor, whereas only 10 minutes were required for medical consultation. Returning home, he searched the facility of online consultant from the doctor in the city and state. But, this facility was not available in the entire state. After this, Karan started working on his startup idea. In December 2017, he achieved incubation by pitching the idea to Kolkata Ventures. Fixed the outline of the company for the next three months. Added 15 thousand rupees from the savings of family and pocket money and prepared the website. Met various hospitals and doctors of the city and informed about the facilities of the startup. After winning the trust of the health sector, Karan got the company registered in the year 2019. He also received appreciation from the government for joining the Jharkhand Startup Challenge. In five years, his company market value has reached in crores.

Added technical facilities to your startup in the Corona era

‘Milo Doctor’ was launched on the business-to-business (B-to-B) model. Gradually hospitals and nursing homes started coming together. Due to this the marketing of the company started automatically. He added more facilities to the startup by securing Rs 3.25 crore funding under Series A-funding in early 2020. During the Corona period, apart from Dhanbad and Bokaro, he launched his company in Bengaluru. With this, dozens of National Accreditation Board for Hospitals (NABH) accredited super specialty hospitals and nursing homes were added. Increased technical facilities during the Corona period. With this, people started getting medical consultation and other facilities sitting at home. Along with this, the work of making the hospital’s management area, marketing and other facilities accessible to the people. In this sequence, thousands of people were connected with employment and a database of more than 2.5 lakh patients was prepared.

Ranchi will be launched in June under the Pan India plan

Karan says that the startup is now providing medical facilities to the people with profit business. Pan India plan has been prepared from this. Under this, there will be a launch in Ranchi in June. Presently, Mahaveer is working pro bono with Charitable Eye Hospital, Ranchi. From August, the company will operate on the business-to-customer (B-to-C) model. Where people will be given the benefit of digital health care technology. Along with this, mental health and wellness consultant facility will be given to the youth of the country, especially the school and college students.


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