Surat: Shocking revelation in the murder of a 5-year-old disabled girl


After the death last evening of a five-year-old disabled girl of a laborer’s family living in Fatakwadi of Surat Chowkbazar police station area, the police was probing the possibility of murder and rape. However, shocking revelations have come to light after the postmortem and police investigation of the girl’s body. The girl was not molested, but her mother got angry and killed the innocent girl by throwing her on the ground. Police is taking further action by arresting the mother.

the girl was murdered late at night

A shocking revelation has come to light regarding the death of a five-year-old disabled girl yesterday in Vedrod area of ​​Surat. The girl was suspected of molestation and it was later learned that she had died. The way injury marks were found on other parts of the body including the genitals of the girl, till late night the police were also being apprehensive of raping the girl. After that, when the police investigated the murder of the girl deeply, shocking facts came to the fore. Actually the disabled girl was not molested, but she was murdered. This murder was done by none other than his real mother.

Police interrogation revealed shocking

Regarding the murder of the girl child, the PI said that the police was probing the matter till late night. After reaching the spot, it was investigated that how the girl died and if she was molested then how and where it happened. In this, the police managed to reach the killer of the girl between two and half past two in the night.

This fact came to light after postmortem and investigation.

In the cross-examination of family members, the girl’s mother revealed that she had killed her in a fit of anger. Postmortem of the girl’s body was done at Navi Civil Hospital and panel PM was also done. Then after postmortem and investigation it has become clear that the girl child has been murdered. Although there was no incident like rape with him and the murder was also done by his mother Bilkisbanu.


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