The first look of the film ‘Mahakal Nagari’ is out


The first look of the film ‘Mahakal Nagari’ written and directed by Sanjeev Kumar Rajput is out. The film is based on the story line of a Sananati monk spreading terrorism in the country and ending the traitor, on which some people have also registered objections. Those people termed it as a controversial poster and called it an attempt to disturb communal harmony, after which the producer-director of the film had to come forward and give clarification. The writer and director of the film Sanjeev Kumar Rajput has broken his silence on this and talked about his motive behind making the film.

He said that terrorism and terrorists have no religion. When a person takes up arms, kills humanity and is found involved in anti-national activities, then that person is identified by his misdeeds instead of his religion and community. The religion of the murderers of humanity and traitors is not seen. In such a situation, it is completely wrong to see the poster of ‘Mahakal Nagri’ linked to any particular religion and it is not appropriate to drag it into controversies. Director Sanjeev Kumar Rajput said that the world is aware of Sananat Dharma and the peace-loving nature of Sanatanis, but it does not mean that saints and religious leaders cannot fight against terrorism if there is any trouble in the country. This is the core of this film and its reflection can be seen on the motion-poster of the film.

Filmmakers Manish Ojha, Prembir Singh and Alka Verma said that the story of ‘Mahakal Nagari’ revolves around a man whose father had been an able officer in the Indian Army. But instead of serving the country by joining the army, his son thinks why not follow the path of Sanatan Dharma, so that he can serve the country along with religion. For this purpose, the hero of the film takes a vow to serve the country along with the service of Sanatan Dharma and is determined to end terrorism whenever he gets a chance. It is shown in the film that Sanatani Hinduism has always been considered a peace-loving religion and has always worked in favor of human values. Traditionally, Sanatani have never been found involved in terrorist activities and they have played an important role in propagating human values ​​of Hinduism.

Actors like Ankit Raj, Kajal Chauhan, Akhilendra Mishra, Kamlesh Sawant, Shaji Chowdhary, Sunny Thakur, Himanshu Srivastava and Raya Labib will be seen in important roles in the film ‘Mahakal Nagari’. The film is being jointly produced by Manish Ojha, Prembir Singh and Alka Verma. A lot of enthusiasm is already being seen among the people towards the release of the film.


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