FBCCI seeks Al Jazeera Arabic’s cooperation to propel Bangladesh’s presence in Arab markets

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In a bid to expand Bangladesh’s economic footprint in the Arab world, the Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FBCCI) has reached out to Al Jazeera Arabic, the region’s most influential television channel. The move aims to leverage Al Jazeera Arabic’s extensive reach and credibility to promote Bangladeshi products and manpower across the Middle East.

During an exclusive interview with Sohaib Ali Jassim, the Indonesia Bureau Chief of Al Jazeera Arabic, Md. Amin Helaly, Senior Vice President of FBCCI, emphasized the importance of collaboration between Bangladesh and Al Jazeera Arabic. He highlighted the need for showcasing Bangladesh’s economic strengths and trade opportunities to a wider audience in the Arab world.

One of the key initiatives proposed by Helaly is for Al Jazeera Arabic to become a media partner for the upcoming ‘Bangladesh Business Summit’ scheduled for March 2025 in Dhaka. This summit, organized by FBCCI in collaboration with the Government of Bangladesh, aims to attract global business leaders, investors, policymakers, and innovators to explore trade and investment prospects in Bangladesh.

Md. Amin Helaly, Senior Vice President of FBCCI speaking to Sohaib Ali Jassim, the Indonesia Bureau Chief of Al Jazeera Arabic – Photo FBCCI

In his interview, Helaly delved into Bangladesh’s evolving economy, discussing its growth trajectory and the potential for foreign investment. He emphasized the role that Al Jazeera Arabic could play in fostering closer ties between the business communities of Bangladesh and the Middle East, facilitating trade partnerships and collaborations.

Md. Amin Helaly’s own journey as an entrepreneur adds weight to his advocacy for Bangladesh’s business interests. With three decades of experience, Helaly has established himself as a successful entrepreneur, steering the growth of his ventures through strategic planning and innovative marketing. His Doshdisha Group stands as a testament to his entrepreneurial acumen and commitment to national development.

Al Jazeera Arabic, founded in 1996 by His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, has earned repute for its journalistic professionalism and independent editorial stance. It has become the leading news network in the Middle East and North Africa, providing a platform for diverse viewpoints and critical analysis. By partnering with Al Jazeera Arabic, FBCCI aims to tap into this vast audience and amplify Bangladesh’s presence in the region.

The collaboration between FBCCI and Al Jazeera Arabic holds promise for fostering greater economic engagement between Bangladesh and the Arab world. Through targeted promotional campaigns and strategic partnerships, both entities seek to unlock new opportunities for trade, investment, and mutual prosperity.

As Bangladesh continues its journey towards economic advancement, partnerships with influential media outlets like Al Jazeera Arabic will be instrumental in showcasing the country’s potential on the global stage. By working together, FBCCI and Al Jazeera Arabic can pave the way for enhanced collaboration and mutual growth between Bangladesh and the Arab nations.

Collaborating with Al Jazeera Arabic presents Bangladesh with a unique opportunity to unlock significant benefits across various sectors. Here’s how this partnership can pave the way for tremendous advantages for Bangladesh:

Exposure on a global scale

Al Jazeera Arabic boasts a vast viewership across the Middle East and North Africa, providing Bangladesh with an unprecedented platform to showcase its economic potential, cultural richness, and investment opportunities to millions of viewers. This exposure can attract foreign investors, businesses, and tourists to Bangladesh, bolstering its economy.

Enhanced trade opportunities

By leveraging Al Jazeera Arabic’s extensive reach, Bangladesh can effectively promote its products and services to consumers in the Arab world. This increased visibility can lead to expanded trade ties, greater market access, and a boost in exports, contributing to economic growth and job creation.

Investment promotion

Al Jazeera Arabic’s credibility and influence can help position Bangladesh as an attractive destination for foreign investment. Through targeted promotional campaigns and business features, Bangladesh can attract investors seeking emerging markets with high growth potential, leading to infrastructure development, technological advancements, and industry diversification.

Cultural exchange and diplomacy

Collaboration with Al Jazeera Arabic fosters cultural exchange and understanding between Bangladesh and the Arab world. Through documentaries, interviews, and cultural showcases, both nations can strengthen bilateral relations, promote tourism, and foster people-to-people connections, laying the foundation for long-term cooperation and friendship.

Advocacy for sustainable development

Al Jazeera Arabic’s commitment to covering critical issues, including environmental sustainability and social development, aligns with Bangladesh’s own goals for a sustainable future. Through joint initiatives and awareness campaigns, both parties can advocate for sustainable practices, innovation, and inclusive growth, addressing common challenges and building a brighter future for all.

Strategic partnerships and networking

Collaborating with Al Jazeera Arabic opens doors for strategic partnerships with key stakeholders in the Arab world, including government agencies, business leaders, and industry associations. These connections facilitate knowledge exchange, technology transfer, and investment collaborations, driving economic progress and fostering innovation.

International recognition and prestige

By being featured prominently on Al Jazeera Arabic, Bangladesh gains international recognition and prestige as a dynamic and forward-thinking nation. This positive portrayal enhances Bangladesh’s reputation on the global stage, attracting attention from investors, tourists, and partners seeking mutually beneficial engagements.

Collaboration with Al Jazeera Arabic presents Bangladesh with a golden opportunity to amplify its voice, expand its reach, and unlock tremendous benefits across economic, cultural, and diplomatic spheres. By harnessing the power of media partnership, Bangladesh can position itself as a vibrant hub of opportunity and innovation, poised for sustainable growth and prosperity in the Arab world and beyond.


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