Ahmedabad: Fed up with the harassment of the blackmailing gang by making nude videos, a young man committed suicide


Recently, the members of the Mewati gang, who lured people into the trap of virtual sex through video calls, extorted money from them by threatening them with defamation, and cheated them in the name of part-time jobs, were arrested in a campaign in the areas of Rajasthan and Haryana. Was. Out of these five accused, two accused are such, who had extorted Rs 2.69 crore by trapping an old businessman of Ahmedabad in a virtual sex trap. The city’s Sola police used to mentally torture a young man for more money after recovering eight lakhs by making a nude video. Troubled by this, the young man committed suicide. The police have taken further action by registering a crime against this gang. Fed up with the threats, he hanged himself in the gallery of the house.

According to the information received, according to the complaint filed by Manoj Vadgama, when he went to work as Kadiyakam’s inspector at the site, he got a call from his wife and said that your brother Bhavinbhai got electrocuted, come home soon. When Manoj Vadgama reached home, he got the news that his brother had hanged himself. Deceased Bhavinbhai came from the site, sent his wife out for some work and hanged himself in the gallery. After that he was immediately taken to the hospital where the present doctors declared him brought dead. After the post-mortem was done, a call was received on his phone.

The deceased had extorted more than Rs 8 lakh from Bhavin

When Manoj received the phone, the person in front said, I am making the video viral on YouTube. Saying this he hung up the phone. On checking the phone, it was found that a girl had extorted more than 8 lakhs from the deceased Bhavin by making a nude video call. Also threatened to call in the name of CBI and ask for more money. Also threatened to make the nude video viral on social media. After that Manoj Vadgama gave a complaint in the police station. Following this complaint lodged on April 22, the police arrested the entire gang after investigation and are taking further action by registering a case of culpable homicide against them.


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