A patch that offers an alcohol content of 0.5% has been launched by a Moldovan winery


The invention of the patch that replaces wine was based on the studies of the Norwegian scientist Finn Skarderud, who, in the early 2000s, launched a hypothesis according to which, in the human body, there is a deficit of alcohol in the blood since birth.

The new patch works thanks to nanoparticles of alcohol extracted from wine, which are absorbed in a controlled manner through the skin into the bloodstream and maintain the optimal blood alcohol level for a period of 8 hours.

The same amount of wine, consumed in the classic way, for 1-2 hours will be practically eliminated from the body. Thus, the patch prolongs the duration of the positive effects of the wine. VINOPLAST has other advantages, declares the Moldovan manufacturer that launched this unique product in the world.

“First of all, this innovative method of using wine eliminates some problems related to the digestive tract, namely bad breath and increased acidity. Also, the wine absorbed through the patch does not raise blood pressure, and this makes it extremely attractive for hypertensive people”, he claims Roberto Stratan, head of the Innovations and Nanovinotechnologies department at the winery.

According to the Moldovan manufacturer, who has released a limited edition of the patch, its biggest asset is the flow of vital energy it offers to the consumer.

“Laboratory tests have shown that daily use of VINOPLAST raises the level of serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin and endorphins in the body, which positively affects all aspects of social life,” said Roberto Stratan.

At the base of the patch currently on sale is the Chardonnay Barrel Fermented wine, the fruit of the year 2016, awarded with several gold medals at a number of prestigious international competitions. For the future, the producer aims to diversify the assortment with other mono-varieties and coupages of the winery.

At the moment, VINOPLAST is produced in three variants: CLASSIC, LIGHT and ULTRA LIGHT, which differ by the volume of alcohol offered to the body. Thus, VINOPLAST CLASSIC contains the optimal dose of 0.5% alcohol, VINOPLAST LIGHT 0.3% and, respectively, 0.2% for ULTRA LIGHT.

The patch is prohibited for use by minors, pregnant and lactating women, and people driving.

You can find out more details about VINOPLAST by accessing The link.

Previously, the same Moldovan wine company invented the first bottle of wine for left-handed people.

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