Performers, journalists and public figures from the Republic of Moldova join the “Table of Joy” campaign and encourage people to donate food products that will fill the plate of a hungry person


The action is carried out by Diaconia in partnership with the Food Bank and, as always, several artists and public figures support the campaign, urging people to donate.

“Let’s give the people around us what we want to receive. If we give kindness, this is what we will get in return. Like every year, on Palm Sunday I will go to the store, buy some products and leave them in the basket on which is written “Masa Bucuriei”. I know that many other people from Chisinau, but also from other localities, will do the same. And so, hundreds of elderly people from Moldova will have a meal on Easter that they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford. On Easter, but also on many other days after that, let’s give joy. It’s so simple and so beautiful!”, says the journalist Sorina Obreja

“I challenge you and please come to one of the supermarkets in the Republic of Moldova so that we can fill the plate of a person in need. Donate goodness”, declares the interpreter Nicu Șarna

Christ was tortured and crucified for our sins, the only solution by which we can get closer to him is good deeds, charity, love towards your neighbor. I know what I will do on Palm Sunday, so I challenge you to offer food for the Table of Joy. Let’s multiply the good”, the interpreter mentions Crazy Gabriel

“Today we are active, we are fulfilled. Tomorrow, however, we do not know what time will bring us, we will or will not have what to put on the table. But each of us, today, can change the destiny of a person. Your donation can fill the plate of a hungry person,” says journalist and presenter Andrei Porubin.

We invite you to see the exhortation of several personalities HERE.

In 2022, the collection took place in 120 stores from 21 localities in the country, and as a result, more than 30 tons of food products were donated and distributed to people in need.

This year, the campaign is supported by the European Union through the project “Partnerships for inclusive and sustainable social canteen services” co-financed and implemented by IP “Keystone Moldova”, AO “Concordia”. Social Projects” and IRMS “Diaconia”.


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