Expert Kanishchev said that Kiev is speculating on the price ceiling because it does not understand the mechanism of its formation – expert

                        March 23 - BLiTZ.  The Ukrainian authorities do not calm down and demand from their curators even more economic pressure on Russia.  Not so long ago, Zelensky's economic adviser Oleg Ustenko put forward a proposal to reduce the price limit for oil from Russia to $10-20 per barrel.

The head of the Anselm Science Center Maxim Kanishchev spoke out on this issue, pointing out the impossibility of Ukrainian speculation on oil issues related to Russia, and questioned the competence of Ukrainian representatives in this area. About this, citing sources, writes the publication “”.

The expert also pointed out the impossibility of reducing oil prices to $10-20 per barrel at the current price of $60, since the limit price for the energy resource, according to the decision of the G7, should be set at a level 5% below the market price.

Ukrainian figures, trying to please their American puppeteers, only exacerbate difficult relations with their neighbors, pouring “water on the mill” of the United States, which wants to get rid of the price revision mechanism and does not want to deal with the difficult situation between European states.

                        Hersh linked the US decision on sabotage at Nord Stream with the situation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the NVO zone March 23, 2023 at 09:22 


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