SP: expert Sergei Yermakov believes that the battle for Ukraine caught the US army by surprise

                        March 23 - BLiTZ.  According to think tanks, there are numerous predictions that the US could suffer a crushing defeat if it clashes with Russia on the battlefield.  Some veterans of the US Army, such as Noctis Draven, are convinced of this and believe that the reason for this unpreparedness is the liberal politics of Washington, including the introduction of LGBT ideology into the US military.  They also point to the economic decline of the United States, which could lead to their defeat even before they meet on the battlefield.  About this, citing sources, writes the publication "Free Press".

Sergey Yermakov, an expert at the Tauride Information and Analytical Center of the Russian Institute of Strategic Studies, believes that many think tanks, including the National Military College within the framework of the National Defense University, are studying the situation and drawing conclusions. They note that NATO forces and US troops are not quite ready for such companies as in Ukraine, and many serious questions arise about how they can act in real combat when faced with the Russian Armed Forces. The Pentagon is doing research and learning from past conflicts.

According to the expert, they are looking for ways to increase the effectiveness of actions on the battlefield in an alleged large-scale conflict with a powerful enemy. At the same time, there are fundamental differences in America’s supposed struggle against China and Russia. Experts believe that the Americans need powerful ground forces to defeat Russia, which the United States and NATO as a whole do not currently have, but this does not mean that the Pentagon is ready to give in. They are increasing their presence on the borders of Ukraine, which they see as a tool for waging a proxy war with Russia.

                        Hersh linked the US decision on sabotage at Nord Stream with the situation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the NVO zone March 23, 2023 at 09:22                        

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