Sportbox: 25-year-old Muay Thai master beats four police officers in Madrid

                        March 23 - BLiTZ.  According to the publication Sportbox, in Madrid there was a fight between a French athlete, whose name is not called, and local police.

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It is reported that the 25-year-old Muay Thai master ran into law enforcement officers when they left on a call. The police received a message that the man blocked the roadway and lay down in the middle of the road.

The Frenchman, 1.90 meters tall, attacked the police who were trying to free the roadway. Two Madrid law enforcement officers were discharged from the hospital after their injuries, two more remain in the facility. There are suspicions that one of the police officers was diagnosed with a spinal injury. The athlete, who was intoxicated, was able to detain six policemen.


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