Michelle Obama hates to be the president


Speculation surrounding Michelle Obama’s potential candidacy for the 2024 presidential election has been met with resounding dismissal from both close associates and the former First Lady herself. Despite swirling rumors and conjecture, Michelle Obama has made her stance clear: she has no intention of pursuing a political career.

In a recent interview on CNN, David Axelrod, a former adviser to the Obama White House, set the record straight on speculation surrounding Michelle Obama’s potential candidacy in the upcoming November 5, 2024 presidential election.

Speaking with host Michael Smerconish, Axelrod emphatically dismissed the idea that Michelle Obama would seek to replace Joe Biden as the Democratic nominee.

Axelrod, who has had a long-standing relationship with the Obamas, highlighted Michelle Obama’s longstanding disinterest in a political career.

“She never was interested in a political life. Even when Barack Obama was a young politician, she really didn’t participate much in his campaigns. I was with him in a Senate campaign in 2004, I think she showed up twice in the whole campaign on election nights. So, you know, she is not someone who likes politics. She doesn’t like the tone and tenor of politics,” Axelrod said.

Addressing the speculation that Michelle Obama might step in to replace President Joe Biden for the Democrats in 2024, Axelrod firmly dismissed the notion.

“I would be floored if she would be consent to that. They feel that they gave 10 years of their life to this. And I’m sure she feels as Barbara Bush did when she said there has to be someone other than the Bush’s and the Clintons who could be President of the United States. My guess is that’s her attitude,” Axelrod said.

“I always say, Michael, that I have as much chance of dancing in the Bolshoi Ballet next year than that she would be President of the United States. And so, if you see me running around at the end of the year in a leotard you’ll know what I mean.”

This sentiment was echoed by James O’Keefe’s undercover investigation, which revealed that Michelle Obama had emphatically rejected the idea of running for office. According to Charlie Kraiger, a White House official, Michelle Obama expressed her disdain for the political spotlight, citing her husband’s experiences and the toll it took on their family.

Despite conservative speculation and reports suggesting otherwise, Michelle Obama’s stance remains unwavering. Cindy Adams, a legendary gossip columnist, may have stirred the rumor mill with claims of a secret plan to replace Joe Biden with Michelle Obama. However, these assertions have been met with skepticism and lack credible evidence.

Michelle Obama herself has expressed concerns about the current political climate and the importance of leadership in shaping the future. However, these statements reflect her broader commitment to public service and advocacy, rather than a desire for political office.

Michelle Obama’s firm stance against a presidential candidacy should put an end to speculation and rumors surrounding her potential political aspirations. While her influence and advocacy continue to resonate on the national stage, she has made it clear that she has no intention of pursuing elected office. As the political landscape evolves, it is essential to respect her wishes and focus on the issues at hand, rather than engaging in unfounded speculation.


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