Is Pakistan’s mighty military pushing the country towards Caliphate?


The Pakistani military seems to be pushing the country towards the Caliphate by following the path of radical Islam and jihad and openly extending support towards terrorist groups such as Hamas. According to analysts, Pakistan, though currently under an unelected caretaker government, ISI is gradually paving the path towards installing its puppet regime in Islamabad by banning anti-ISI forces, including former premier Imran Khan and his Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party. Although Imran Khan faces accusations for his exposed inclination towards radical Islam, the Pakistani military establishment is no better. Actually – it is even worse, as for decades, ISI and other organs of Pakistan Army have been collaborating with Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups, including Haqqani Network and the Taliban, thus playing the role of incubator of global terror.

Meanwhile, with the alarming rise of anti-Semitism and Jew and Israel hatred throughout various nations in the world, at the directives from Pakistan’s military establishment and its spy agency Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI), Anwarul Haq Kakar, unelected caretaker Prime Minister of already bankrupt Pakistan announced a “complete ban on New Year celebrations” in an “expression of solidarity” understandably with Palestinian Hamas and other terrorist groups in Gaza Strip.

In a televised message, Kakar asked Pakistanis to “show solidarity” with “Palestinians and exhibit sobriety and humanity at the New Year”.

Kakar said, “Given the extremely worrying situation in Palestine and to express solidarity with our Palestinian brothers and sisters, there will be a complete countrywide ban on organizing any kind of events in connection with the New Year celebration”.

By parroting Hamas propaganda, Anwarul Haq Kakar said, “over 21,000 Palestinians were killed so far by the Israeli forces that crossed all limits of violence and injustice with around 9,000 children dead since the Israeli bombardment began on October 7”.

He said, “The whole Pakistani nation and the Muslim world are in a sheer state of anguish over the massacre of innocent children and genocide of unarmed Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank”.

Earlier, Sharjah also banned New Year’s Eve fireworks as an “expression of solidarity with Gazans”.

The decision was announced in a Facebook post by Sharjah Police, warning that legal measures would be taken against those found violating the ban.

The ban is “a sincere expression of solidarity and humanitarian cooperation with our siblings in the Gaza Strip”, Sharjah Police said in the post.

Sharjah is the United Arab Emirate’s third-largest emirate by size and population behind Abu Dhabi and Dubai. There are seven emirates. Sharjah’s decision on New Year’s Eve fireworks appeared to be limited to that one emirate as public celebrations continued to be advertised in the country’s other emirates.

The ongoing anti-terror offensive of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) was unleashed after Hamas terrorists poured over the border with Israel and attacked southern Israeli communities, killing more than 1,200 people.

Gaza-based terrorist group Hamas also seized around 240 hostages, of whom 129 remain captive.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to keep up the military operations until the elimination of Hamas, designated a terrorist organization by the United States and other countries, is achieved.

Pakistan does not have diplomatic ties with Israel and refuses to recognize it as a sovereign country until “a viable and independent Palestinian state” is established — a long-running policy of many Muslim-majority countries.

Pakistanis cannot visit the Jewish state because their passport states it is “valid for all countries of the world except Israel”.

Meanwhile, The New York Times in an article has graphically described sexual assault on girls and women during October 7 Hamas pogrom in Israel.

The report said:

At first, she was known simply as “the woman in the black dress”.

In a grainy video, you can see her, lying on her back, dress torn, legs spread, vagina exposed. Her face is burned beyond recognition and her right hand covers her eyes.

The video was shot in the early hours of Oct. 8 by a woman searching for a missing friend at the site of the rave in southern Israel where, the day before, Hamas terrorists massacred hundreds of young Israelis.

The video went viral, with thousands of people responding, desperate to know if the woman in the black dress was their missing friend, sister or daughter.

One family knew exactly who she was — Gal Abdush, mother of two from a working-class town in central Israel, who disappeared from the rave that night with her husband.

As the terrorists closed in on her, trapped on a highway in a line of cars of people trying to flee the party, she sent one final WhatsApp message to her family: “You don’t understand”.

Based largely on the video evidence — which was verified by The New York Times — Israeli police officials said they believed that Ms. Abdush was raped, and she has become a symbol of the horrors visited upon Israeli women and girls during the Oct. 7 attacks.

Israeli officials say that everywhere Hamas terrorists struck — the rave, the military bases along the Gaza border and the kibbutzim — they brutalized women.

A two-month investigation by The Times uncovered painful new details, establishing that the attacks against women were not isolated events but part of a broader pattern of gender-based violence on Oct. 7.

Relying on video footage, photographs, GPS data from mobile phones and interviews with more than 150 people, including witnesses, medical personnel, soldiers and rape counselors, The Times identified at least seven locations where Israeli women and girls appear to have been sexually assaulted or mutilated…

With the ban on New Year celebration to express solidarity with Hamas, which is responsible for committing crime against humanity on October 7, 2023 and NYT giving description of Hamas cruelty, Pakistan has once again shown its nasty fangs proving – policymakers of this Failed State have no human qualities. In fact, there is no difference between Hamas and Pakistanis ruling elites and its military establishment. This ban on New Year celebration possibly also signals – terror-patron Pakistan is on the path of becoming a Caliphate – sooner or later.


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