BNP-funded dubious organization issues statement from the US


Convicted terrorist and acting chairman of ultra-Islamist and pro-Pakistan Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) – Tarique Rahman has been secretly funding a number of organizations and maintains several individuals as representatives in the United States, while two of these BNP men – William B Milam and Jon Danilowicz although been working as lobbyists and agents, both of them have not registered as lobbyists thus violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).

The US Department of Justice says, “Penalty for a willful violation of FARA is imprisonment for not more than five years, a fine of up to US$250,000, or both. Certain violations are considered misdemeanors, with penalties of imprisonment of not more than six months, a fine of not more than US$5,000, or both”.

According to information, William B Milam, a former US diplomat and president of an organization named ‘Right to Freedom’, who has been working as lobbyist and agent for BNP has issued a statement on December 29, 2023 on Bangladesh’s upcoming January 7 general elections. This statement has been shared by Mushfiqul Fazal Ansarey and Jon Danilowicz on their X (former Twitter) accounts.

Jon Danilowicz, a former Deputy Chief of Mission at the US Embassy in Bangladesh is known for his frantic bids in sabotaging the January 5, 2014 general elections in Bangladesh.

It may be mentioned here that, ‘Right to Freedom’ is funded by Bangladesh Nationalist Party.

According to his ‘X’ (former Twitter) account, Jon Danilowicz has been dedicatedly working against Bangladesh and ruling Awami League, proving, it is now his full-time job to spread nefarious propaganda against Bangladesh. In addition to such nefarious propaganda, Jon Danilowics wrote derogatory content against Bangladesh, which was published on his own website named ‘South Asia Perspectives’.

Interestingly, the address of the ‘South Asia Perspectives’ website is 1015 15th St NW, Suite 600, Washington DC, 20005, whereas according to the website of ‘Right to Freedom’ its office also is at the same address, proving this website also is funded by BNP.

According to the ‘About Us’ page of the ‘South Asia Perspectives’, this website is run by the same gang of BNP-Jamaat nexus such as William B Milam, Mushfiqul Fazal Ansarey, Jon Danilowicz, and Sultan Muhammed Zakaria.

Mushfiqul Fazal Ansarey also runs another website named ‘Just News’ from the same address and by falsely proclaiming as the “US Correspondent” of this website he succeeded in getting press accreditation cards from the White House and the United Nations. In his application for press accreditation cards, Ansarey made false claim of “Just News” being based in Bangladesh.

It may be mentioned here that, Mushfiqul Fazal Ansarey – a heavily anti-Semite and pro-jihadist individual has served as the Deputy Press Secretary to then Prime Minister Khaleda Zia during the 2001-2006 rule of Islamist coalition government of Bangladesh Nationalist Party and Jamaat-e-Islami. Ansarey, a confidante of Tarique Rahman was particularly assigned to maintain liaison between Tarique and militancy outlets in Bangladesh, including Harkat-ul-Jihad al-Islami Bangladesh (HuJI-B), while he also was maintaining communication with leaders of United Liberation Front of Assom (ULFA) on Tarique Rahman’s behalf.

On August 21, 2004, Tarique Rahman used Harkat-ul-Jihad al-Islami Bangladesh (HuJI-B) in launching gruesome grenade attack at a rally of Awami League with the plot of assassinating Awami League president Sheikh Hasina. In 2005, Tarique’s name surfaced once again as a patron of ULFA when a consignment of 10-truck loaded weapons, ammunitions, and explosives busted in Bangladesh.

Major General Gaganjit Singh, former Deputy Director General of India’s Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), said BNP acting chairman Tarique Rahman was the mastermind of 10 truck arms haul in Chattogram [Chittagong] in 2004.

Talking to India Today and a television channel in Bangladesh, he said the arms were being supplied under direct patronization of the then BNP-Jamaat alliance to use Bangladesh as a sanctuary.

Ten trucks full of arms seized at Chittagong in April 2004 was meant not only for the United Liberation Front of Assom (ULFA) but also for a few other rebel groups in India’s northeast to destabilize the country, he added.

“But he was operating in close coordination with DGFI and some NSI officials who had close links with Tarique Rahman (current acting chairman of BNP) and his cronies in what was then referred to as Hawa Bhaban (political office of BNP)”, disclosed Singh.

Mushfiqul Fazal Ansarey was directly involved in each of the notorious acts of Tarique Rahman, including August 21, 2004 grenade attacks as well as 10 truck arms haul case. And this notorious individual is regularly visiting White House and the United Nation using press accreditation cards that he managed through false declaration.

Authorities concerned in the United States, including Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) should initiate Mushfiqul Fazal Ansarey as he may pose serious security threat to White House and the United Nations.


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