Premature ceasefire in Gaza would grant new life to Hamas


While following October 7 Hamas pogrom in Israel, there are series of activities of Hamas supporters in the Western nations, immediately after Israel Defense Forces (IDF) began its anti-terror offensives in Gaza Strip, Palestinians started hue and cry and been attempting to put the entire blame on Israel, while a large segment of these Hamas supporters even are justify Hamas pogrom.

Commenting on the demand for ceasefire, Barry Tigay wrote on his Twitter account: “Israel’s terms for a ceasefire are release of the hostages, surrender of Hamas and demilitarization of Gaza. Who is against that? Who would object to that? Hamas and its supporters object to that. Those who seek the destruction of Israel object to that. The ceasefire now people are supporting Islamism, the worldwide jihad for Muslim supremacy. They are either evil or stupid. Israel will pursue its just goals. It would be wise and just if more world leaders and others pursued these goals too. If you are not calling for the surrender of Hamas and release of the hostages you are part of the problem. Challenge leaders and others. Ask them, “Do you call for the surrender of Hamas, release of hostages, demilitarization of Gaza?” “Why not?” That’s it. That’s the solution”.

While several nations and groups are demanding ceasefire in Gaza without understanding a plain fact – it was Hamas and Palestinian terrorists who had violated the ceasefire on October 7. By doing so, these monsters have proved – the only option to restoring peace in Gaza is lies in annihilation of Hamas and other terrorist groups in Gaza Strip, including Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ). At the same time, Western nations need to take immediate steps in imposing sanctions on the Qatari rulers for their continuous patronization of Hamas. Unless it is achieved, there cannot be anything called ceasefire.

Meanwhile, it is important to understand the degree of antisemitism as well as Jew and Israel hatred within the minds of the majority of Palestinians and those supporters of Hamas. For example, here in a video, the University of Illinois Chicago student Sadik Froukh celebrates October 7 Attacks during a Muslim Student Association Friday Sermon on Campus stating – “I Stand Here with a Smile on My Face; The Attacks of These Fierce Courageous Warriors Have Brought Pride to the Islamic Nation”.

If Celebrate October 7 Hamas pogrom? If University of Illinois Chicago student Sadik Froukh can celebrate it he certainly also would celebrate 9/11 terrorist attacks on the US soil. Meaning, he is an enemy of the United States. And there are hundreds and thousands of Froukhs in the country, majority of whom might have entered America taking US President Joe Biden’s disastrous border policy.

According to social media influencer Michael Weingardt, radical Islamic TikTok star – Breezy the Don El Jefe in a live stream said, “Soon we will bring Sharia law to Germany… There are already so many of us here” Anyone who doesn’t take part in Sharia law has “only one word: mustard gas”.

Reporting this incident Apollo News said:

“Breezy the Don El Jefe” is a small star on TikTok. He has 50,000 followers on his account, and some of his videos reach six-figure views. “Breezy the Don El Jefe” is a Muslim, 31 years old, comes from Turkey and lives in Tenerife.

His short videos about his stance on Germany are well received by parts of the young Muslim community and are widely reposted. In a recent livestream with the user “Tesla Han”, Hatay said the following sentences: “The Germans will experience their blue miracle. We will take their West. And when we’re done with Germany, Austria will come”.

Words of threat, published and seen hundreds of times on a short video platform. But Hatay has long had more to offer than just such statements. In the same stream, a little later, Hatay continued: “You Germans behave yourselves, otherwise I’ll just say one word: mustard gas” and speaks of other violence that would threaten the Germans.

The user running the livestream then vehemently asks Hatay if he is proud to endorse such medieval methods. Hatay simply responds with “We will make sure that Germany goes down the drain. There are so many of us here already. After Germany, it’s Austria’s turn” …

We need to really continue speaking out condemning such act of inhumanity of these Hamas supporters.

Meanwhile, here is a small piece of good news. White House has finally cut ties with CAIR whereas Biden administration said on December 28, 2023 it had ended its work with the Council on American-Islamic Relations on crafting a national antisemitism strategy after one of CAIR’s top executives declared he was “happy” to witness Hamas’ terror attack against Israel on October 7.

CAIR co-founder and national executive director Nihad Awad made the shocking statement at the 16th Annual Convention for Palestine in Chicago on November 24, according to video footage circulated by the Middle East Media Research Institute.


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