Judeo-Christian values under threat: Islamist Nazism rears its head


Some two weeks ago, we here in the United Kingdom turned our clocks back one hour. For the UK’s tiny Jewish population of some quarter of a million, it felt like the clocks had reverted to the turn of the twentieth century when the anti Dreyfus mob exposed European Jew hatred resulting in numerous pogroms and for others it was reminiscent of 1930’s Nazi Germany. The charity responsible in the UK for monitoring antisemitic incidents, Community Security Trust (CST) calculated that there had been a quadrupling of such incidents since the Hamas pogrom in Israel on October 7.

The Hamas attack on Israel being the most barbaric atrocity on Jews since the days of Hitler was soon forgotten as the mob descended into global, anti-Jewish state riots as a result of Israel’s response. In the UK as in many other countries, the mob comprises of indoctrinated Islamists, the pseudo intellectual and the fascist far left. The expediency with which these groups collaborated and collectively determined to control our streets to vent their racist spleens came as no surprise to an experienced researcher such as myself.

Anti-Jewish ideology has been knowingly facilitated by British mainstream media and within the Labour Party, the Green Party and the Scottish and Irish Nationalist Parties. Moreover, Universities and Trades Unions all eagerly encouraging and actively engaging in the hate fest as their activists are cut from the same cloth as those organizations previously referred to.

Jews in Great Britain are being targeted and being held responsible for the military actions taken by Israel in response to a terrorist atrocity.  Where a country has a compliant media, a large Muslim population and an active and influential far left movement, Jew hatred is thriving. Muslims would never be targeted similarly for the atrocities committed by Syria on Syrians or by Turkey on Kurds or by Indonesia on Papuans or by Houthis on Yemenis. Only Jews it seems are selected for special treatment.

Those participating are challenging the claims of antisemitism by exposing their desire for a ceasefire is not antisemitic but simply morally decent. They point to there being a tiny fringe minority who are not part of what the protests are about.

Palestinian flags, Islamist chants, threatening behavior outside stores associated with Jews and Israel and anti-Jewish Imams in well attended mosques expose a totally different scenario.

The pro-Palestinian movement is nothing other than Jew hatred. The two Palestinian Charters, the Palestinian National Council charter of 1968 and the Palestinian Hamas charter of 1988 both command by Jihad the extermination of Jews as the priority and thereafter the subservience to Islam or death of all other races and religions to follow. Articles 17, 22 and 28 of the 1988 charter rubber stamps the Palestinian Nazi ideology by commanding the extermination, for example, of those assisting or working for organizations helping economically, politically or actually the physically or mentally disabled or the Roma community. In all seriousness how could any morally decent person support those identified with Nazism. Perversely in the UK and globally the support is huge.

The phenomenon morphs into the paradox of all paradoxes. In Syria, the government of President Assad assisted by the Russian and Iranian military have butchered over 600,000 Muslims including over five thousand Palestinians. Additionally, over ten thousand Palestinians are rotting and being tortured in Syrian dungeons, many presumed dead. No protests, no outrage and certainly no concern for Palestinians.

How come? Simply because those protesting are not pro-Palestinian as they claim and as their flags and banners identify. They are Jew haters and the political elite; our judiciary and our police must act decisively to take back control to implement British values and ensure that Nazism is defeated. Imams in mosques must be prosecuted as must University lecturers inciting religious hatred. The Mayor of London maintains a deafening silence and his silence is assent. Families going to McDonalds KFC, both absurdly targeted for pro-Israeli political leanings must not be intimidated and Jewish people on the London Underground must feel safe. Those selling Remembrance Day poppies must be protected and Jewish schools and synagogues should not need 24/ 7 security.

After defeating German Nazism, we in the UK are being threatened by Islamic and far left Nazism. It’s always kicked the Jew first but will our diluted Christian communities be next for kicking. And then our Hindu and Sikh communities?

Judeo-Christian values are under threat as never before as a fundamentalist Islamic movement supported by the fascist political left are threatening British democracy. We cannot stand idly by and must challenge this absolute threat to our democracy, our country and to our moral values.


  1. The ‘Football Hooligans’ of the English Defence League are true patriots. They are not ‘Far Right’ as it is the Islamists who arebFar Right. The Football Hooligans seem to be our last line of defence . The Metropolitan Police here will regret taking instructions from their boss the London Mayor who is no patriot and anti western. He should imediately reinstate the advertising posters of scantily clad women on the underground trains and buses.


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