Tony Bobulinski challenges Joe and Hunter Biden


Tony Bobulinski, a former business partner of US President Joe Biden and his scandal-plagued son Hunter Biden has called them out and challenged them to join him for testimony before the US Congress committee next week after an attorney for Hunter Biden claimed that Bobulinski has lied to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

In January this year, while investigative journalists were trying to find further details on the mysterious role played by James Gillar (58), the secret handler of US President Joe Biden’s dirty cash, Tony Bobulinsky, claimed that President Joe Biden’s son and brother, under direct involvement of Joe Biden have cheated him out of millions of dollars in a deal to form a joint venture with a Chinese firm. The former Navy officer’s accusations involve a contract initiated between a Delaware firm he started, owned by him, Jim Biden and Hunter Biden, and partners Rob Walker and James Gilliar, to create a joint venture with CEFC, the Chinese firm that pledged to give them US$10 million of working capital. Tony Bobulinski alleged that the Bidens embezzled at least US$5 million from CEFC.

During an exclusive interview with Tucker Carlson in October last year, Tony Bobulinsky said: “Hunter Biden and Jim Biden defrauded [us] and took the money for themselves … stole it from me and my other partners, Rob Walker and James Gilliar”.

In the interviews, Bobulinski said that he “knows for a fact” that “The big guy” is Joe Biden. Bobulinski has repeatedly stated that he, personally, met Joe Biden on matters concerning some of these deals. This statement from Bobulinski puts to a lie Joe Biden’s repeated claims that he’s “never met with any” of Hunter Biden’s business associates or “ever spoken” to/with Hunter Biden about same.

Meanwhile, on November 4, 2023 Fox News noted that it had obtained a 10-page letter sent by Hunter Biden’s attorney Abbe Lowell to US Attorney for the District of Columbia Matthew Graves in which he claimed that the former partner, Tony Bobulinski, lied to federal agents during an interview on October 23, 2020, about his business relationship with the Bidens.

“Lowell called for Graves to investigate Bobulinski for “false” statements regarding his work. Bobulinski worked with Hunter Biden to create the joint venture SinoHawk Holdings with Chinese energy company CEFC”, Fox News reported.

An attorney for Bobulinski quoted his client and refuted the allegations made by Lowell in a statement to the outlet.

“All of the allegations contained in Mr. Lowell’s 10-page letter to US Attorney Graves are patently false, and I look forward to exposing these lies and laying out the facts in a public forum in short order,” Bobulinski said in the statement.

“The sad thing for our country is that Hunter, Jim and Joe Biden along with Abbe Lowell know they are all false and are trying to weaponize the DOJ against me”, the US Navy veteran continued.

“If Hunter Biden and the Biden family are so determined to ensure that the full truth is put before the American people, Hunter, Jim, Joe and I should all appear together before Congress, publicly and under oath”, he added. “They can name the date, time and place, and I would certainly be willing to do that for the American people”.

In his letter, Lowell claimed Bobulinski “lied about the business discussions among the partners involved” in the joint venture.

“The materials reveal the extraordinary lengths Mr. Bobulinski and other individuals were willing to go to implicate Mr. Biden or members of his family in some false and meritless allegations of wrongdoing”, Lowell wrote, per Fox News.

“Even in an era in which people peddle knowing lies with the goal of their falsehoods being repeated and disseminated for their political advantage, these statements by Mr. Bobulinski cannot and must not go unchecked”, he added.

Fox News adds:

Lowell also alleged Bobulinski was never in Miami in 2017 for initial discussions with Hunter Biden, CEFC chairman Ye Jianming and other associates.

Lowell references an infamous May 13, 2017, email that includes a breakdown of the “financial capitalization of the joint venture with CEFC”.

The email, first reported by Fox News Digital in October 2020, shows a proposed equity split with references “20” for “H” and “10 held by H for the big guy?” with no further details.

Bobulinski has repeatedly said “the big guy” was Joe Biden. IRS whistleblowers Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler, who claimed politics influenced the years-long federal investigation into Hunter Biden, also said “the big guy” was known to be Joe Biden.

Meanwhile, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) put Joe Biden and members of his family on notice this week about what they can expect to see from him and other GOP leaders very soon.

In an interview with Newsmax TV host Eric Bolling, the Kentucky Republican said that the Biden family could soon expect to see some subpoenas requesting information regarding alleged influence-peddling schemes that extend back more than a decade.

Comer told Bolling that overall, Americans who want to see the Bidens held to account are “going to be very satisfied with the next step”.

“We built a case that will win in court, and we’ve made it all the way to the personal bank records of the Bidens”, Comer said.

“So now that we can trace the money, we have enough bank records that we can bring the Bidens in”, Comer said. “So we’re preparing everything now to be able to serve them and try to bring them in. We’ve got a couple more bank statements that need to come in first, but when that all comes in, it should be in a matter of days”.


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