A big incident was saved in the capital Ranchi, the brother gave the order to kill the brother, the police arrested four


Deepak Kumar, a businessman of the Pandra market committee, was to be murdered in Pandra on Sunday. His brother Anand Gupta gave the betel nut to the shooters in a property dispute. For this he was given an advance of Rs 50,000. After committing the murder, Anand had promised to give him a car. Deepak Kumar’s shooter was doing Reiki (following) since morning. His plan was that businessman Deepak would reach his shop in Pandra as soon as he left his house in Radhanagar (Pandra) locality. During this time he will be murdered.

This information was received by DIG Anoop Birthare and SSP Kishore Kaushal. Together they formed a special team. After this a special team was formed. The team arrested three accused including Anand Gupta, including the ambush shooter. In this way Deepak Gupta’s life was saved. However, the police have not yet confirmed the arrest of anyone in this case. By registering a case in Pandra OP, the police officers can disclose the whole matter on Monday.

Brother Deepak used to get jealous when he got ahead in business:

According to the police officers, Deepak Gupta had gone far ahead in his business. He had bought land in Ring Road. The house was also built. Seeing Deepak moving forward, Anand Gupta started getting jealous. There was also a dispute between the two regarding property. For this reason, he conspired to kill his brother to get him out of the way.

He contacted some old criminals of his acquaintance and gave them contract to kill his brother. The police have also come to know that Deepak Gupta has only two daughters, so Anand Gupta was preparing to take over the property after his murder. However, the police officials have not yet disclosed the names of the shooters. After interrogating the arrested criminals, the police is raiding in search of other criminals of their gang.


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