Humid heat in Bihar made people miserable, know IMD’s update regarding rain


Bihar News: The humid heat in Bihar has made the condition of the people miserable. The temperature has once again reached close to 40. People can get relief from the heat on Monday or Tuesday. There is a forecast of rain in many areas of Bihar on 23 and 24 July. At present, the monsoon has weakened. There is a break in the monsoon here. This is the reason why this humid heat has started troubling people. Talking about the minimum temperature forecast of the capital Patna, the minimum temperature forecast for Patna is 28 °C on 22 July, 29 °C on 23 July and 29 °C on 24 and 25 July. At present, it is not raining here. But, the possibility of light rain has been expressed in many areas.

Thanka alert in many districts between 23 and 26

At the same time, there is an alert from the Meteorological Department regarding Thanka in Supaul, East Champaran, West Champaran, Madhubani, Araria and Kishanganj. There is a warning of thunder and lightning in East Champaran and Banka on 22 July. At the same time, between 23 and 26, an alert has been issued in many districts regarding Thanka. There is no alert regarding rain till 24 July. But, there is a need to be careful in many areas due to lightning. It should be known that it rains like a disaster from the sky. Hundreds of people lose their lives due to this. Many animals also become victims of Thanka.

Bihar: After heavy rains in North India, the water level of the Ganga is increasing every hour, people are in panic due to floods.

Be careful in bad weather

The Chief Minister also feels sad when there is a death due to cold in the state. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has expressed condolence through tweet several times after the death of Thanka. Along with this, ex-gratia grant of Rs. 4 lakh each for the relatives of the deceased, urged to follow the suggestions issued by the Disaster Management Department and talked about staying at home and being safe in bad weather. Let us inform that many areas of the state have been alerted regarding Thanka. Along with this, the Meteorological Department has appealed to be careful in bad weather.

People are being urged to take precautions in bad weather. When the weather condition worsens, people have to take shelter in any safe place. People can defend themselves by going to a safe place. Keep distance from electric poles. By taking a little care, your life can be saved in such a situation. Farmers should never go to their fields when the weather is bad. By working in the fields, he can come in the grip of cold. They should wait for the weather to improve.

The body gets scorched due to the effect of cold

At the same time, there is a lot of impact on the head, shoulders and neck of a person when lightning strikes. This can stop anyone’s heartbeat. Along with this, the human body gets scorched. Due to this people die. Due to the effect of Thanka, the human body burns badly. Farmers working in the fields, people who take support of trees to avoid rain, people who bathe in a pond or river during rains, etc. are most at risk of falling of thanka. The only way to save life is to move away from there when there is a flash of lightning or a sound.

There will be relief from the humid heat

Even before lightning strikes, its signal reaches people. People need to be alert on such occasions. The hair on anyone’s head stands erect when lightning strikes. Along with this, tingling starts in the skin. In such a situation, you should stop your work by bending down immediately. Goosebumps can give goosebumps. It is a sign that lightning may fall on you. In such a situation, sit on your feet, keep your hands on your knees and keep your head between both the knees. In this posture, there is minimum contact with the ground and the chances of getting electrocuted are reduced.

At the same time, the deficiency of rain has reached 40 percent. The highest temperature was recorded in Buxar district. There was movement of rain in Patna on Friday. But, due to the humid heat, people were in trouble. The temperature is increasing rapidly in the state. But, according to the forecast of the Meteorological Department, people are going to get relief soon and it will rain again.



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