‘Vanar Sena’ became an angel in UP, saved the lives of many patients like this


Lucknow, 20 July (Hindustan Times). This is also a passion and spirit to do social work, which thousands of hands get up in an hour for just one call and help. Irrespective of the caste-community of the patient, there should be truth about his economic condition. When the truth is known, people get involved in the treatment of the patient and to help the patient, four to five lakh rupees are collected in a day. That too with the help of one rupee to one thousand rupees. This is a faith and a way of extending a helping hand, which is being done by ‘Vanar Sena’ in the entire state and this idea was brought by Ajit Kumar Singh, Deputy Director, Backward Welfare Department.

A glimpse of this is being seen now. Amit Rai, a farmer family of Ballia, has to undergo a liver transplant. In which 35 lakh rupees have to be spent. Now the Vanar Sena has started the campaign since four days and till Thursday morning a donation of Rs.9 lakh has been collected. Vanar Sena is running a separate campaign to get government help. Those who ask for donations for help are called angels. These are in every district of the entire state.

This organization includes people from students to people working in good positions. Ajit Singh says that such a thought came when Saurabh, who runs a gumti shop in Serwan of our village Jaunpur, got burnt and he reached the verge of ruin. We put it on Facebook and asked for help. This is about 2017. After putting it on Facebook, one and a half lakh rupees were collected in a day and till today he is living his life properly.

Helped in Hawker’s daughter’s marriage

Narrating a similar incident, Ajit Singh said, ‘A hawker from our Tara Chand hostel said that brother, our daughter is getting married and there is a shortage of some money.’ We put it in our hostel group that even the person who comes at four o’clock to give us the newspaper also has an important role in the preparation of our Public Service Commission. Today is his daughter’s marriage, we all should do Kanyadaan. He said that he got three lakh rupees within an hour. After this, during the Corona period, it was thought that there is a need to come forward to help people in an organized manner.

Monkey does not leave in trouble

For this the monkey army was formed. In response to why it was named Vanar Sena, Ajit Singh said that a monkey is the only animal that does not leave its companion even in trouble. This is what the monkey army does. Ajit Singh says that during the Corona period, when our own started becoming strangers, the Vanar Sena came forward and the angels got more than ten thousand people admitted to the hospitals wherever they were. Similarly, more than four thousand units of blood were collected during the Corona period and given to the patients, who remembers the one who is in need, then the angels reach him. Even VP Singh’s daughter-in-law is a cancer patient. Once he needed blood, the angel went there and arranged for blood.

Anmay had a serious illness, was given three crores

Not only this, Anmay, a resident of Vijuthua village of Kadipur area of ​​Sultanpur district, had a serious illness some time back. The cost of one injection for him was 16 crores. Vanar Sena heard and in 20 days made arrangements for three crore rupees and gave it to his family members. In the last month itself, Rs 4 lakh was given to a person from Bhupia Mau of Pratapgarh, Rs 3.5 lakh to Vivek Agrahari of Surapur. Both of them were cancer patients.

13 lakhs were collected in Prayagraj’s role in kidney transplant

Prayagraj’s role was to have a kidney transplant. His family did not have the capacity to spend so much money. Vanar Sena launched a campaign and collected Rs 13 lakh and gave it away. Ajit Singh believes that the administration cannot help by meeting every person. He is made to create order. To help, we all need mutual brotherhood.


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