The reality of Gullu Khan living as a monk in Meerut’s temple came to the fore, arrested


Meerut, 20 July (Hindustan Times). The reality of Gullu Khan, who had been living as a monk for the last seven months in Mataur village of Daurala police station area of ​​Meerut district of Uttar Pradesh, has now come to the fore. The police arrested Gullu Khan and is engaged in a thorough investigation. Earlier, many such cases have come to the fore in Bihar as well.

According to local police, 20-year-old Gullu Khan had been living as a monk in the Om Shiv Shani temple for seven months. He is originally from Muzaffarnagar. Gullu Khan came to Mataur and introduced himself as Sadhu Gurjar Nath Maharaj of the Nath sect. Seeing his attire, the temple committee kept him as a priest. He had remembered the aarti of Lord Ganesha. He got a place in the temple by tricking the people of the temple committee and Hindu organizations. According to CO Daurala Abhishek Patel, three teams have been formed to investigate the entire matter. The matter will be thoroughly investigated.

Senior journalist Ajay Chauhan, a resident of Mataur village, says that Gullu used to wake up early in the morning to clean the temple and also interact with the devotees. Gullu’s attention never appeared in worship. He never performed Havan in the temple. Whenever people asked him to perform Havan etc., he used to avoid it by talking here and there. Even this made the villagers suspicious of him. Manoj Chauhan, chairman of the temple committee, says that when in doubt, asked him who takes the first bath in Kumbh. He could not even answer it properly.

Kapil Raj, a resident of Muzaffarnagar revealed the exploits of Gullu Khan. He knew Kapil Gullu. While passing through NH-58 highway, Kapil was shocked to see Gullu Khan in saffron clothes in the temple. Kapil gave this information to the people of Matour. People who were surprised by this asked religious questions to Gullu Khan, so he could not answer. When Gullu was found to be circumcised in physical examination, his secret was exposed. When this was revealed, the villagers informed the police.

In police interrogation, Gullu told that people in the temple used to give dakshina by touching his feet. Fruits and nuts were available to eat in the temple. He was happy with this and started living as a monk in the temples. After the disclosure, the police filed a case against him for inciting religious sentiments. The police is also trying to check his criminal record. Gullu Khan had described himself as a Dixit monk of the Nath sect. The police came to know that he was a Muslim from the Aadhaar and PAN card received from Gullu. Now the police will go to Muzaffarnagar and Panipat to investigate Gullu.

Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) district president Aman Singh, Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha official Purushottam had questioned Gullu Khan in the temple. As soon as it was confirmed that he was a Muslim, the workers created a ruckus there. Now Hindu organizations have decided to get the full identity of the priests living in the temples. For this, preparations are being made to get the police verification done. Hinduist leader Shilendra Chauhan has described this whole episode as a form of temple jihad.

According to Hindu leaders, cases of love jihad by Muslim youths by changing their names to trap Hindu girls and women are coming to the fore. Along with this, land jihad is also being carried out to intimidate Hindus and buy their houses and land. Going further than this, now the people of the Muslim class have entered the temples as saints. This temple is Jihad.

Before this, many cases of Muslims living in the temple by becoming saints have come to the fore in Bihar. About six months ago, six Muslims roaming in the guise of sadhus were caught in Chatar village under Akbarpur police station area of ​​Nawada district of Bihar. After knowing his reality, the villagers thrashed him fiercely. These people were begging in people’s houses by roaming around in the guise of saints. People had handed over everyone to the police. All these people were residents of Gonda district of Uttar Pradesh. He had described begging as a monk as his ancestral business. Last year a similar case had also come to the fore in Hajipur district.


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