Bihar: Fraud of more than Rs 60 lakh in the name of getting job abroad, revealed through fake documents


In the name of sending abroad, a new case of cheating has once again come to the fore in Patna. This time the miscreants have cheated about 150 people of UP-Bihar of more than 60 lakh rupees. This time the miscreants have extorted money from people in the name of sending them to Kuwait and Dubai. This information came to light when people reached the Patna office with flight tickets. The lock was hanging in the office and the phone number from which the call was being made was also closed. After this all the victims reached Kotwali police station. The victims told that the information about this company was received through social sites. The number was also written on the same. The name of the company is Sunshine Enterprises, which was located at Karpura House, SP Verma Road.

Fraud of 55 to 60 thousand rupees per person

Jitendra Singh, a resident of Biharsharif, Nalanda, told that in June he had seen the advertisement of the company on social sites. After this, when I called on that number, the person who was talking called me to his office in Patna to meet him. After going there, first of all submitted my passport. Then sent the visa after a few days, after which I gave 30 thousand rupees. After this, called again on 4th July and said that the flight ticket has to be made. Give the rest of the money. 55 to 60 thousand rupees were taken from each person in the name of Dubai and Kuwait.

Many people are also residents of UP

The victims in the case told that they had talked to the people of the company till 5 pm on the 17th. The people of the company said that he was going to reach Patna by flight from Delhi, but when he did not reach till 10 pm, we called and saw that the mobile was switched off. Devraj Surya, a resident of Bundelkhand, told that he was sent a ticket to be sent abroad on July 5, after which he switched off the mobile as time went on. There are a total of five people from UP with him. Apart from this, there are other people from UP who had come near the office.

Handed over offer letter, police clearance certificate and e-visa

The victims told that the miscreants have also made offer letters, e-visas, tickets and police clearance certificates. When people got these documents checked, it was found that all the documents are fake. The thugs had also ordered money from the victims online. The account on which the money has been sent by the beneficiaries is registered in the name of Seema Devi. Money has been asked from all the people in his account. Continuous calls are being made on the number since Thursday, but everyone’s mobile is coming off.

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Fraud in the name of sending Gulf country earlier also

It may be known that even before this many people have been cheated in the name of sending them abroad in SKpuri and Kotwali police station areas of Patna. There have been two cases in SKpuri and three such cases in Kotwali, in which more than three hundred people from Bihar, Jharkhand, UP and Bengal have been duped of crores of rupees. This fraud has been done in the name of sending them for jobs in Gulf countries like Iraq and Tanzania. No concrete action has been taken in all these cases so far.


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