Bihar: After heavy rains in North India, the water level of the Ganga is increasing every hour, people are in panic due to floods.


Bihar News: People of many states across the country are troubled by heavy rains. Its effect is also being seen in Bihar. The water level of Ganga is increasing continuously. Here, the water level of river Ganges is increasing every hour in Buxar. The speed of water is increasing at the rate of two centimeters per hour. Due to this there is panic among the local people. People have started getting scared of flood. The rains of the past days and the increasing water level of the tributaries are directly affecting the Ganga. Till Thursday afternoon, the water level of Ganga has been recorded at 54 metres.

Kosi’s water level will cross the danger mark

Due to the rains in Nepal, the water level of many rivers of North Bihar is continuously running upwards. The water level of Gandak and Kosi is expected to cross the danger mark in the next 24 to 48 hours. Here, the water level of Ganga and Budhi Gandak river is continuously going upwards at all places of the state. According to the forecast of the Water Resources Department, the Gandak river has reached very close to the danger mark at Dumariyaghat in Gopalganj and Lalgand in Vaishali.

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Increase in the water level of the river every hour

The water level of Ganga has increased by 21 cm in 24 hours at Dumariyaghat in Gopalganj. It was only 13 cm below the danger mark 24 hours ago. The water level of the river is increasing by one centimeter every hour. At the same time, the river is going to cross the danger mark in Lalganj in 48 hours. Even in Dumri of Khagaria, the river is flowing close to the red mark. There, there is a possibility of an increase in the water level in Supaul’s Kosi. In Katihar district, the water level of Ganga and Barandi river continues to rise. After remaining stable for a few days in many areas, the water level of river Ganga has started rising once again. Due to which the people living in the coastal areas of Ganga are scared. Seeing the possibility of flood, people have started packing their belongings.

Government is making many preparations

Here, many preparations are being made by the government regarding the rising water level of the river. In fact, through an app, information about the rising water level of the rivers will be available five days in advance. Its preparation has started. The department is constantly engaged in developing a high-tech app for this. State-of-the-art app is being prepared. Soon it will be possible to forecast the rising water level of the rivers of the state. Its danger will be taken in advance. After this, efforts will be made to avoid it. It is being told that it can be used from the next session.

Please tell that the use of this technique has been started earlier. But, before this only one day before can be estimated. At the same time, with the help of new technology, the correct information about the possible increase in the water level, the tendency of the water level to increase and decrease will also be easily available. The best thing is that the information about crossing the danger mark of the water level of the river will be available five days in advance. This will help a lot in planning the work. Information about the pressure on the embankments will also be available. With this, anti-erosion works can be decided in advance. Along with this, the personnel deployed in the security of the embankment will get a lot of ease in their work. People will be saved from trouble and danger. It is being told that after the development of this technology, the devastation will be less.

Apart from this, monitoring has been increased by the government regarding possible floods. After the reports received from various districts by the Disaster Management Department, guidelines have been sent to all the districts that all the District Magistrates should be vigilant to prevent floods. According to the department, 28 districts are slightly affected by floods every year, where flood-relief operations are carried out. In recent days, the water level of many rivers has increased. After which NDRF and SDRF jawans have been gradually deployed in the flood affected areas in the previous years, so that administrative officers can be sent comfortably to all the people in relief work during floods.

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