Understanding artisan design, products will be ready for market needs, agreement with IIT Kanpur and IICD


Kanpur: Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IIT Kanpur) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Indian Institute of Crafts and Design, Jaipur (IICD) to empower rural artisans and increase market demand for various products. IIT Kanpur Dean of Research and Development Prof. on the MoU. a R. Signed between Harish and Dr. Tulika Gupta, Director, IICD. The MoU will help local artisans to develop an understanding of design and increase the demand for their products as per the needs of the market.

Nodal Agency of Ranjit Singh Rosy Education Center Mission

On behalf of IIT Kanpur, Ranjit Singh Rosy Shiksha Kendra (RSK) will oversee the implementation of the MoU objectives. RSK IIT Kanpur has been working with rural communities and artisans for many years, with an aim to uplift their livelihoods. The center provides necessary training and promotes entrepreneurship among rural youth. thereby enabling them to produce high quality apparel, bags, potlis and pouches, pottery and ready-to-eat snacks. IIT Kanpur has taken into account the importance of design inputs in enhancing the market appeal of local and rural products. has initiated this collaboration with IICD keeping in mind that IICD being a renowned craft and design institute in India has a rich history of empowering the craft sector across the country. This collaboration will bring their expertise closer to artisans to enhance the appeal of their products.

Design will be ready after research

The primary objective of this collaboration is to preserve traditional art and craft forms, develop advanced processes and create innovative designs for locally manufactured products. So that a strong relationship can be established between artisans, craft communities and consumers. IIT Kanpur and IICD plan to work collaboratively on research design and development within the craft sector with an aim to make these products more useful and marketable.On the signing of the MoU, Dean of Research and Development, IIT Kanpur Prof. AR Harish said that we are happy to collaborate with Indian Institute of Crafts and Design Jaipur on this transformative initiative. By combining our expertise in research design and development with their rich heritage in the craft and design sector, we aim to empower rural artisans by preserving traditional art forms and creating marketable products. We are hopeful that this partnership will contribute to the socio-economic development in Uttar Pradesh in a big way.

Develop a culture of design thinking among craft communities

IIT Kanpur and IICD will engage in student exchange programs, joint projects and collaborative activities to promote the development of design thinking within the crafts and handmade products sector of Uttar Pradesh. By leveraging the expertise and resources of both the institutions, this initiative will endeavor to inculcate a culture of design thinking among the artisans and craft communities across the state. will work with a select group. Thereafter, the project will gradually include various products produced under the One District One Product (ODOP) scheme. Collaboration between IIT Kanpur and IICD to empower rural artisans with traditional art There is immense potential to conserve forms and enhance the marketability of their products. By combining knowledge skills and resources, this partnership aims to create sustainable opportunities for rural communities. Also, to help in the socio-economic development of Uttar Pradesh.

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