Father killed in Aligarh due to increase in bank loan interest, police arrested both sons


Aligarh : The police has disclosed the murder of the watchman which took place two weeks ago in Aligarh. The killers turned out to be both the real sons of the watchman. The son had misled the police by registering a case against an unknown person regarding the incident, but the accused sons broke down in front of the strictness of the police. According to the police, the watchman’s father was killed in an argument over bank loan and loan amount and the body was thrown into the guava orchard. The incident is of Nausha area of ​​Thana Barla area. Both the accused sons have been arrested by the police.

Case filed in Barla police station

Mohammad Arif, a resident of Nausha area of ​​Barla area, used to guard the brick kiln. Mohammad Arif had gone to Baba Bhatta, New Saima Brick Industry located in Dattavali, for chowkidari at 6 pm on July 2. On the same morning of July 3, information was received that an unknown person had beaten Mohammad Arif to death with sticks and rods. The dead body was thrown in the guava orchard of Datawali. A case was registered in this regard at Barla police station. In this case, SP Rural was instructed by Senior Superintendent of Police Kala Nidhi Naithani to disclose the incident. SHO Barla arrested the deceased’s sons Khillan and Javed after deliberations. At the instance of the accused, a stick used in the incident was recovered.

Both the sons of the murderer work as laborers.

The accused told during interrogation that the father (deceased Arif) had taken loan from Aryavritt Bank and money from other people on high interest, due to which the interest was increasing. Every day notices from the bank used to come to our house. We used to talk to my father to collect the loan. Many times there was an argument with the father regarding the loan amount, the accused used to say that we are laborers. As much as you earn in a month. That much is spent at home. With this in mind, both of us made a plan to kill our father. After reaching the New Saima brick industry kiln in the forest, he killed his father by hitting him several times on the head with a stick and threw the dead body in the guava garden.

(youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9NpaCaNqKI)


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