Microblogging platform Twitter down again, users remain upset


Microblogging platform Twitter went down again on Sunday evening. People were seen complaining about this on other social media platforms. This is not the first time that people had to face such a problem. Users looked upset due to Twitter being down on Sunday evening.

Some Twitter users kept seeing Can Not Retrieve Tweets error, while many people were seeing the message of Something Went Wrong and Rate Limit Exceeded. However, this only lasted for some time. Twitter recovered after a few minutes.

rage against twitter

The news of social media site Twitter being down came from all over the world including India. If reports are to be believed, users had trouble tweeting. Along with this, users also faced difficulties in accessing the social site. Amidst the news of Twitter Down, users expressed anger against Twitter on other social media platforms. At the same time, on the outage of Twitter, different types of memes were also shared on social media.

Feels like Twitter is down… Its showing me like this. Anyone facing the same problem? #TwitterDown #TwitterIsDead #elonmusk #TwitterLimits pic.twitter.com/jSBp0U7RqP

— Pratham  (@Pratham7340) July 16, 2023

Twitter has already been down

It is noteworthy that this is not the first incident of Twitter being down. Earlier on July 1, there was news of Twitter being down. Even before this, on March 6, the Twitter user had to face trouble. On March 6, users were upset due to several glitches, as the link stopped working. Some users were unable to log in and the image was not loading for some. At the same time, were unable to share the video on this platform. Even in the month of February, Twitter’s service was down for hours, in which users were neither able to read direct messages nor were able to update posts.

Something wrong with Twitter again?#TwitterDown

— BRAAT (@B5001001101) July 16, 2023

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post read limit

Let us discuss here that Twitter owner Elon Musk has set a limit for users to read posts on Twitter. Musk said recently that this is a temporary arrangement that has been implemented to prevent large-scale data theft.

New app ‘Threads’ will compete with Twitter

Let us tell you that multinational company Meta has released a new app ‘Threads’ in the first week of July to compete with the social media platform Twitter. This new app will act as a direct challenge to the social media platform owned by industrialist Elon Musk. ‘Threads’ is the ‘text’ (idea/message) sharing version of meta’s photo sharing app Instagram. According to the company, this app will provide a new platform for latest updates and open talk. The app is available on Apple and Google’s Android App Store in over 100 countries including the US, UK, Australia, Canada and Japan. As soon as the app became available, many big personalities like chef Gordon Ramsay, pop star Shakira and Mark Hoyle made their accounts on it.

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Features of the new app ‘Threads’

The new app ‘Threads’ has the option to ‘Like’, ‘Repost’, ‘Reply’ and ‘Quote’ any ‘Thread’ (i.e. post). All these options are also available on Twitter. On behalf of the company, it was told about this app ‘Threads’ that our aim is to provide a platform through ‘Threads’, which is more focused on ‘text’ (thoughts / messages) and conversations, such as photos on Instagram and The focus is on the video. The company has set a limit of 500 characters to make a ‘post’ in this new app. Whereas on Twitter it is 280. In this, links, pictures and videos up to five minutes long can be shared.

All Your Threads Are Ours: Jack Dorsey

Meta has emphasized on measures to provide a secure platform to the user. In this, the work of implementing the community guidelines of Instagram has been done. However, security related questions are being raised regarding this new app of Meta. Considering the information available on the ‘App Store’, ‘Threads’ may collect personal information including health, financial, contacts, browsing and searches, your location, purchases and “sensitive information”. After the arrival of this new app, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey shared a screenshot of the information related to ‘Threads’ on the ‘App Store’ and wrote that all your threads are ours. Wrote-Yes..


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