meeting of pashupati paras and chirag paswan is not possible said rlsp president i will fight from hajipur only asj | Meeting of Pashupati Paras and Chirag Paswan is not possible, said RLSP president


Pashupati Paras clearly said that it is a rule of coalition religion that the setting seat should not be compromised. So why would we leave Hajipur? Why would Chirag come to Hajipur? Tell me what is there in Hajipur, does anyone have any answer. He says that it is my father’s workplace, so when his father was alive in 2019, he did not give ticket to Chirag, he had said that Chirag is definitely my son, but I do not believe it. You are my brother, always serve the people of Hajipur. I have authority over you, I choose you as my successor. Then where does the talk of leaving the Hajipur seat come from? Even at that time I was not ready to take the seat from Hajipur. I myself was the Bihar cabinet minister at that time, but on the orders of my elder brother, I contested the elections. That’s why I am not going to leave Hajipur seat at any cost.


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