Hathua Maharaja’s cousin Jitendra Pratap Shahi shot dead, licensed weapon found near the dead body


Hathua. Jitendra Pratap Shahi, cousin of the Maharaja of Hathua Raj, died on Sunday after being shot. The incident is of Babua ji campus of Hathua police station area. Police have recovered a licensed weapon, bullet and many objectionable items from the spot. SP Swarna Prabhat has called FSL and dog squad to investigate the death. Police is investigating under the leadership of Hathua SDPO Anurag Kumar. Police is prima facie considering it a suicide.

death on the spot

It is said that on Sunday afternoon, at around 1.10 pm, a shot was fired from a licensed weapon. The bullet hit Engineer Jitendra Pratap Shahi in the neck and he died on the spot. Police was informed two to three hours after the incident. SP Swarna Prabhat said that prima facie it is a case of suicide, but the police is probing the past dispute with the deceased, family dispute and other incidents. The police was preparing to conduct the post-mortem, but the body could not be sent for post-mortem till 7:30 in the night. After this incident, the police have converted the luxurious house into a cantonment and have banned anyone’s movement till the FSL team reaches the room.

The reason behind the murder is not known

Let us inform that Late Jitendra Pratap Shahi of Hathua Estate. Kailash Shahi alias was the youngest brother of Babua ji. His elder brother Shailendra Pratap Shahi and nephew live in Hathua. While his family lives in Patna. Hathua used to come often to take care of his wealth and property in Hathua. People are talking about the incident in different ways. At the same time, the family members are refraining from telling anything about this incident.

This is the second loss to the family in two years.

Hathua State has lost its member for the second time in the last two years. Not even two years have passed since the death of the last queen of the Raj in 2016, when BP Shahi, the oldest person in this royal family, passed away. Brajeshwar Prasad, despite being from the royal family, lived away from the royal glamour. He used to give most of the time to spirituality. He was different in the sense that despite having thousands of acres of land and property worth crores, he was not attached to wealth. BP Shahi was born in 1935 at Anta Ghat residence in Patna. He took MA degree in three subjects Psychology, English and Music. He is so fond of reading books that he has thousands of books in his library.

Maharaj Mrigendra Pratap Shahi is the successor of Hathua Raj

At present, Maharaj Mrigendra Pratap is in the Hathua Raj Gharana as a descendant of the royal Raj Gharana, who is also active in the beauty of the area. Maharaj Mrigendra has registered 50 acres of land for Thawe’s fame in the district headquarters. The journey is started from the old carriage of the royal family. Maharaj Mrigendra Pratap Shahi, a descendant of Hathua Raj, told that this is a many years old tradition which he has been following even today. Weapons are also worshiped on the day of Vijayadashami. He told that before this the kings and emperors used to visit the whole area and listen to the problems of the people. There is no dearth of buildings and buildings in Hathua Raj Gharana. Many buildings including Sheesh Mahal, Old Fort, Marriage Hall, New Fort are near the royal house. Out of this, many buildings including Sainik School in one fort, Imperial School in one, have been given on lease, while marriages still take place in the marriage hall.

The royal family has been fond of old vehicles

The Hathua Raj family is fond of handling heritage and heritage. Five vintage cars are still shining in Bihar’s Hathua Raj Mahal. Seeing Caravan International, View, Lincoln and Vaxall vintage cars, people do not forget to capture them in camera and take selfies. Whenever Maharaj Bahadur Mrigendra Pratap Sahi, the current descendant of Hathua Raj, comes out on the road with a convoy of these cars, the traffic stops. People start staring at you. Caravan International is a six cylinder petrol engine car. This car has the facilities of two beds, one bathroom, kitchen, phone, fan etc. In the year 1940, the Maharaja of Hathua had brought this car from America by ship to Kolkata for two thousand rupees. The then Maharaj Guru Mahadev Ashram Pratap Sahi used to travel in his area in this car.


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