Congress won’t support Centre’s ordinance, AAP praises it, Kejriwal will attend opposition meeting


congress general secretary K C Venugopal The party’s stand is clear that it will oppose any such move by the Center to interfere in the states ruled by opposition parties through governors, and it will oppose the introduction of the Bill on the Ordinance on Control of Services in Delhi in Parliament. Have decided to protest. He told ‘PTI-Bhasha’, “We are continuously opposing the efforts of the central government to end federalism.” We are continuously opposing the attitude of the central government to run the states ruled by the opposition through governors. Our stand is very clear, we are not going to support the ordinance related to control of services in Delhi.

Appreciated by AAP, Kejriwal will attend opposition meeting

At the same time, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) said that the Congress’s “categorical opposition to the Centre’s ordinance on control of administrative services in Delhi is a positive development”. AAP MP and national spokesperson Raghav Chadha tweeted, ‘The Congress has announced its clear opposition to the ordinance relating to the control of services in Delhi. This is a positive development.” Kejriwal will now attend the meeting of the opposition.

Congress statement on the ordinance of the Center

Venugopal said the Congress usually convenes a meeting of its Strategy Committee of Parliament before the session to decide on important matters coming up in Parliament. Asked whether the Congress would support or oppose the Delhi ordinance, Venugopal said, “Yesterday, we had a meeting and we have already taken a decision.” We will not support any attempt to destroy the federal system of the country and interfere in the affairs of the state using the Governor. Similarly, we are not supporting the Delhi Ordinance as well. It is very clear.

Kejriwal will attend the opposition meeting

With the Congress clarifying its stand on the Delhi ordinance issue, Venugopal hoped that AAP would now participate in the upcoming meeting of the opposition in Bengaluru. The Congress leader said, “I think he is attending the meeting tomorrow. We believe so.” Whereas, AAP clarified its stand and said that Chief Minister Kejriwal and Bhagwant Mann will attend the meeting. The party had earlier said that it would not attend any such meeting unless the Congress supported it in opposing the Ordinance on Control of Services in Delhi in Parliament.

First meeting of opposition parties in Patna

In the first meeting of the opposition parties in Patna, a resolution was taken to oust the Bharatiya Janata Party from power in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. The BJP-led central government had in May brought out an ordinance on transfer and posting of bureaucrats in Delhi, overturning a Supreme Court verdict that had given control over the services to the elected government. The Ordinance has a provision to set up National Capital Civil Services Authority for disciplinary action and transfers against Group-A officers of Danix cadre. Prior to the May 11 decision of the Supreme Court, the official control of transfer and posting of all the officers of the Delhi government was with the Lieutenant Governor.

Sonia Gandhi will also attend the meeting

Tell you, the head of the Congress Parliamentary Party Sonia Gandhi Can also attend the dinner organized for opposition leaders on 17 July. Sources said that after the meeting of the dinner leaders on July 17, there will be a formal discussion on a separate day in which further strategy can be decided regarding the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. According to sources, MDMK, KDMK, VCK, Revolutionary Socialist Party (RSP), Forward Bloc, Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) and Kerala Congress (Mani) will also attend the meeting of opposition parties.

24 opposition parties may be involved in the meeting on July 17-18

Let us tell you that on 23rd June, about 17 opposition parties appeared on one platform in Patna with a strong presence. At the same time, after the meeting, Bihar Chief Minister and Janata Dal-United leader Nitish Kumar said that the opposition parties have a meeting in Patna. “nice meeting” Hui and it has been decided to contest the elections together. Kumar, who called a mega meeting of opposition parties, said that another meeting of opposition parties will be held soon. After which a meeting was organized in Bengaluru on 17-18 July.

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