State-of-the-art checkpost will stop forgery, poll will open on just one click


Mirzapur, 15 July (Hindustan Times). Now big vehicles will not be able to run with the help of overload and fake permits. To crack down on them, a checkpost is being set up at Narayanpur border of Mirzapur, where every big vehicle passing through Madhya Pradesh and other states and districts will be monitored through CCTV cameras. If a vehicle overloads and passes without a permit, then the departmental officers will get its immediate information in a second, that is, on just one click, the forgery will be exposed and strict action will be taken against the concerned if the matter is exposed.

The government is adopting new techniques to put a complete check on vehicles running with overload and fake permits. For this, state-of-the-art checkposts will be made at the border of each district. If any vehicle enters any district, its complete information will be available through state-of-the-art checkposts. In this, the mine tag will also work when the high security number plate is installed in the vehicle. Which will tell whether the driver has a permit or not. Also, if the vehicle is overloaded, how much is the load?

Mining officer Shailendra Singh said that a state-of-the-art check post is being set up at Narayanpur to check overload and permit rigging vehicles. Through this, the vehicle which is overloading and making disturbances in the permit can be easily caught.


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