Manoj Jha said on the death of BJP leader in Patna, BJP people kept it as Peepli Live


Patna. RJD MP and national spokesperson Manoj Jha has strongly taunted the BJP over the incidents that took place after the lathi charge and the death of the BJP leader during the assembly march. Manoj Jha has said that the people of BJP have made the entire incident Peepli Live. Addressing a press conference at RJD office in Patna, Manoj Jha said that chillies are not sacked in a peaceful demonstration. It is sad if someone dies, but the people of BJP have made that death live. Do the movement peacefully, don’t try to destabilize Bihar. Manoj Jha said that during this march some BJP leaders were busy setting their tickets. On the statement of Raghuvar Das, the RJD MP said that he would have experience of this kind of politics. This type of politics must have been done in Jharkhand.

Till now even 2 lakh people did not get employment

Manoj Jha said that RJD has also performed. We were also in opposition for a long time, but did not throw chilli powder. Everyone will be investigated one by one. It’s only been 48 hours now. Even those who were not hurt in the lathicharge have got bandaged. Manoj Jha said that the Grand Alliance government will also solve the problem of teachers. Surrounding the Center on the issue of employment, he said that he had promised to provide two crore jobs every year. What happened to those promises? Till now even 2 lakh people have not got employment. Manoj Jha said that if Narendra Modi had answered as many questions as we answer the questions of the media, we would have worshiped him by putting his picture.

Center pulled its hand from National Grant as well

Talking to the media in Patna, Rajya Sabha MP from Rashtriya Janata Dal Manoj Jha targeted the central government fiercely. Manoj Jha said that Bihar should get the status of a special state, at least a special package should be given, but the central government did not give the right to Bihar. Even the Center has withdrawn its hand from the National Grant. Any scheme runs with the matching grant of the Center, but it is not seen in Bihar. The central government does not pass any scheme which is prepared and sent to Bihar. The RJD MP said that the paper of Bihar disappears after going to Delhi. The rights of Bihar are being killed. He said that for how many days the Bihar government has been demanding special status and special package, but till date this state has not got its due, whereas this demand should have been fulfilled long ago. He said that we have fought outside and inside the house for the cause of Bihar and Bihar. We have been demanding special status for Bihar. Bihar should get its rights, it should be given a special package.

Kendra’s mood cocky

RJD MP Manoj Jha said that CM, Deputy CM and our national president have said that Bihar should get special status, but the mood of the Center is arrogant. He said that there is an arrogant government at the center, that is why Bihar is not being given its due. Bread has disappeared from the plate, vegetables have disappeared from the plate, the government thinks that work will be done only by temple and mosque. The government feels that the real issues will become secondary. Manoj Jha said that by making Hindu and Muslim, BJP wants to confuse the people. BJP people are not speaking on rising inflation. It seems that the people of BJP have nothing to do with inflation. People are moaning due to inflation. The life of the poor has become difficult. Inflation has broken the back of people. People want change now.

Modi government is completely silent on caste enumeration

He said that the central government is indifferent even regarding caste census and until this census is not done, the people sitting in the last row of development will not develop. The Modi government is completely silent on caste enumeration. The RJD MP said that caste enumeration is not the demand of any party, rather it was passed unanimously in the assembly. Everyone needs this. Without caste calculation, billions of rupees of the government will go to the Bay of Bengal. These are issues of social concern, not political. In the charge sheet case against Tejashwi, the RJD MP said that we have received information from inside that the CBI people did not want, but the charge sheet was filed forcefully. Everyone knows about Tejashwi Yadav, he is innocent. On this occasion, RJD released the list of its district spokespersons. Two spokespersons have been appointed in every district.


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