Western elites and media are addicted to double standards

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Image: Middle East Monitor

Recently, India’s External Affairs Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar in an article in The Indian Express said, his country is no longer “swayed by imported prescriptions” [read Western prescriptions] in formulating its foreign policy as India measures all things in terms of its national interest. He also suggested that in a world where “everything is being weaponized”, it is vital for the country to ensure that its strategic capabilities are developed in house”.

Jaishankar noted, “Swayed by imported prescriptions, we’ve sometimes subordinated our own goals for the benefit of others”.

This statement from India’s top diplomat bears huge significance. Because for the past few years, New Delhi has been giving priority to deepening relations with the Western world – particularly the United States, while taking undue advantage of the situation, Washington in particular has been gradually advancing its ultimate agenda of using India against major nations in the Global South – especially China. A careful scrutiny of India-US bilateral agreement, which was signed during last-year’s America visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi contains several clauses that were tricky enough. For example, that agreement allows Washington to send its warships to Indian territory under the pretense of “repairing”, although it actually is an attempt to ultimately build a heavy presence of the US naval base within this region.

Geopolitical pundits may not agree with my observation and may even try to project this clause as “win-win”. But in my own assumption – this has been a tricky move of expanding America’s naval base into the Indian Ocean and even further. Meaning, it may push India towards a possible “partner” of the US in combating “China’s growing dominance” in the Global South. Possibly Washington’s habitual tendency of showing dictating tendency towards every nation, including its allies has been finally admitted in the article of Subrahmanyam Jaishankar as he said – India no longer is swayed by imported prescriptions.

In this case, my second observation or question is – can India really liberate itself from being an obedient listener of the dictation of the Western nations, especially the United States? The answer may sound cruel though – the reality is – once any nation enters into extreme romance with America or its European allies, particularly the United Kingdom, that nation ultimately loses the opportunity of freeing itself from the status of an unconditional listener and implementer of “imported prescription”. If India attempts to defy America’s “prescription”, Washington certainly shall apply its “alternative method” which could be economic sanctions under numerous excuses. In India’s case, America can apply its sanction tools for New Delhi’s continuing economic interactions with Russia – a country which has been the key enemy of the Western nations, including the United States.

Now let me focus on the double standards of Western elites and media.

In case of Israel’s ongoing military actions in Gaza, which is a result of Hamas’ October 7 pogrom that has killed 1,200 people while dozens of Israelis and foreign nationals, including Americans still remain hostage in Gaza – in unknown places under captivity of Hamas or Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PJI), while the entire world is accusing Israel of “committing genocide” on “innocent” Gazans – in the eyes of Western elites and media, such actions of Israel is “self-defense”.

If Western elites and media are seeing Israel’s actions in Gaza as “self-defense” why are they not seeing Russia’s Special Military Operations in Ukraine as self-defense too? Rather in Ukraine, Russian forces are facing military offensives from Kiev, while in Gaza, we don’t see similar retaliations from the Gazans or even Hamas and PJI. In Israel’s ongoing actions that Joe Biden and Western elites and media see as self-defense and sending billions of dollars for killing Gazans – why are they doing just the opposite in Ukraine? Why is Biden and his cronies sending billions of dollars to Kiev for killing Russians? Why is there a continuous conspiracy against Russia and Russians including terrorist attacks inside Russia killing innocent civilians? Why has Washington and its Western cronies sabotaged Nord Stream? Why was there a terrorist attack on Crocus City Hall?

While October 7 Hamas pogrom in Israel was certainly a crime against humanity, what encourages Western elites and media in instigating Kiev’s extended hostility in Ukraine? Why this double-standard?

We know, in the Ukrainian front – America and its NATO allies were secretly plotting to build its military presence with the blueprint of continuing extreme hostility against Russia thus challenging Moscow’s sovereignty. If Western conspiracy in Ukraine was not countered by Russian President Vladimir Putin, by now America and its NATO allies would have invaded a large area of Russian territory. Through Special Military Operations in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin has saved Russia from being invaded by Western nations and their mercenaries. But of course, Western corporate media cartel and their cronies in the world would not dare tell this truth. Instead, cronies of the Western media would parrot what they are being dictated by their masters.

Western elites do not believe in freedom of expression or freedom of press. Instead they want American and global media to play the role of their propaganda machines – if not slaves of whims. It is a clear case of suppressing or gauging freedom of expression, the ultimate consequence of which shall surely be boomerang to the West. Possibly it will lead to massive civil unrest and even civil wars in the United States and other Western countries.

The ongoing protests in the Western campuses or dozens of Christian students openly embracing Islam is a dangerous sign of hidden anger and renegade. These are not pro-Palestine or pro-Hamas protests in a real sense. These actually are signs of Western populace raising their voices against the ruling elites and media. This is a clear sign of renegade or mass-revolt. Western policymakers may not yet realize – they all are sitting on ticking bombs.


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