Explainer: Hundreds of people fall prey to lightning in Bihar, why it rains from the sky, know how to save lives


Explainer: In Bihar, hundreds of people fall prey to lightning. Disaster rains from the sky. Even on Friday, 21 people lost their lives in the state during the torrential rains. On the other hand, more than 12 people got scorched due to lightning. Thanka is wreaking havoc on the people. Everyday the news of death due to cold is coming in the state. After this, the Chief Minister has also condoled the death of the people. CM has announced a compensation of four lakh each for the family of the deceased on the death of Thanka. Every year hundreds of people lose their lives due to being struck by lightning.

Heavy loss to cattle rearers

Four died in Rohtas, four in Arwal, two each in Aurangabad and East Champaran, one each in Hajipur, Bihar Sharif, Chhapra, Siwan and Madhepura. One each died in Kargahar, Akodhighola and Nasriganj in Rohtas district. Seeing the rain, while returning home, he got cold and died. On the other hand, two people and a goat died due to a landslide in Akodhighola Barankalan village on Friday evening. Let us tell you that due to the fall of thanka, cattle rearers also suffer a lot. Many animals die due to the fall of the thanka. At the same time, sheep were grazing in the Son river in Sawari village of Kachhwan police station area of ​​Nasriganj. In the meantime, seven sheep died due to cold.

Many people died due to lightning

Sarju Singh in Chhatoi village under Manikpur OP of Kurtha police station area of ​​Arwal district and Varsha Kumari in Helalpur village lost their lives. Along with this, one each died in Belabigha of Sadar block and Balagarh of Karpi block. At the same time, 12-year-old Akash Kumar and Abhishek Kumar died in Pathra village in two different villages of Khudwan police station area of ​​Obra block of Aurangabad. The children were grazing cattle in Badhar. In Akbar Malahi village of Sarai police station area of ​​Vaishali district, a young man died due to lightning. Kranti Devi in ​​Jogia village of Pilich panchayat of Parwalpur block of Nalanda district, 45-year-old Chandeshwar Mahato in Doriganj of Saran, Kishore in Madarichak tola Amharua of Bagaura panchayat of Daronda police station area of ​​Siwan and Pramila Devi of Gamail panchayat of Bihariganj police station area of ​​Madhepura. died.

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CM appeals to the people to be cautious

On Friday, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar tweeted that 3 people died due to lightning in Arwal, 2 in Rohtas, 1 in Muzaffarpur, 1 in Banka, 1 in East Champaran and 1 in Nalanda. An ex-gratia grant of Rs 4-4 lakh will be given to the dependents of the deceased. Apart from this, the CM has appealed to the people to take full vigilance in bad weather. Also said that follow the suggestions issued by the Disaster Management Department. Stay home in bad weather, stay safe.

3 people died due to lightning in Arwal, 2 in Rohtas, 1 in Muzaffarpur, 1 in Banka, 1 in East Champaran and 1 in Nalanda in the state. An ex-gratia grant of Rs 4-4 lakh will be given to the dependents of the deceased. Exercise extreme caution in bad weather. Following the suggestions issued by the Disaster Management Department…

— Nitish Kumar (@NitishKumar) July 14, 2023

Caution and vigilance can save lives

The Chief Minister of Bihar has appealed to the people to be careful after Thanka’s death. Apart from this, the Meteorological Department is constantly appealing to the people to take precautions in such bad weather. People are being urged to take precautions in bad weather. Let us tell you that when the weather condition worsens, people have to take shelter in any safe place. People can protect themselves by going to a safe place. Keep distance from electric poles. By taking a little care, your life can be saved in such a situation. Farmers should never go to their fields when the weather is bad. By working in the fields, he can come in the grip of cold. They should wait for the weather to improve.

The body gets scorched when it gets cold

Significantly, on the fall of lightning, the head, shoulder and throat of a person have the most effect. Due to this, the heartbeat of anyone can stop or even their internal organs can burn. The person on whom lightning falls, a shape called “lightning tree” or “lightning flower” is formed on his body. Actually, this shape is formed due to the bursting of small vessels carrying blood. If this happens someone can die. Due to the effect of Thanka, the human body burns badly. Farmers working in the fields, people who take support of trees to avoid rain, people who bathe in a pond or river during rains, etc. are most at risk of falling of thanka. The only way to save life is to move away from there when there is a flash of lightning or a sound.

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More effect of electricity on men

The villagers suffer loss of livestock due to Thanka. There is the highest possibility of lightning in the afternoon. It is said that it affects men more than women. Rain always proves fatal during rainy days. Tree attracts lightning. During this time it is best to take shelter in a house. People should stand separately instead of standing in groups. Must remain in the vehicle during the journey. It is not right to travel in an open vehicle.

Keep distance from metal items

Bike, electricity or telephone pole should be kept away from metal things like wire fence, machine etc. Along with this, one should also stay away from ponds and reservoirs. On the other hand, if someone gets an electric shock, then giving him artificial breath can prove to be helpful. First aid should be arranged immediately. At the time of lightning, distance should be kept from the electric powered equipment inside the house. It is right to close the windows or doors. Should stay away from verandah and terrace. Things that are good conductors of electricity should be kept away from them. Stay away from metal pipes, taps, fountains, wash basins etc.

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Gets the first sign of lightning

Please tell that its signal is received even before the lightning strikes. The hairs on your head stand on end when lightning strikes. Along with this, tingling starts in the skin. If this happens, you should immediately stop your work by bending down. Goosebumps can give goosebumps. This is a sign that lightning may strike. In such a situation, sit on your feet, keep your hands on your knees and keep your head between both the knees. In this posture, there is minimum contact with the ground and the chances of getting electrocuted are reduced.

(youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9q49SbNxF9M)

lightning natural weather cycle

Lightning strikes every year. Due to this hundreds of people also die. Lightning strikes and flashes are a natural weather cycle. The main reason for this is that lightning flashes when the cloud collides with moist and dry air. After this there is a danger of its falling. Every year there is lightning during the rains. It also falls at the same time. According to the meteorologist, positively and negatively charged clouds in the sky come near each other while roaming. When they collide, a friction occurs. Due to this friction, high power electricity is generated. After this, the electric current in the air starts moving between both types of clouds. Because of this, a bright glow of light is created.

The energy of lightning falling from the clouds is more

Scientists say that the energy of lightning falling from the clouds can be up to one billion volts. Its temperature is higher than the upper surface of the sun. Its capacity is more than 300 kW. Explain that when the moist air rises, clouds are formed and it rains heavily. Where is the trough line i.e. the chain of clouds. At the same time, there is a danger of lightning. where there is less cloud cover. There is also a need to be cautious.

Clouds in the sky due to active monsoon

The Meteorological Department is also alert in view of the monsoon conditions. After the rain, there has been a drop in temperature and relief from the humid heat. But, heavy rains have also become a cause of trouble. Monsoon activity is expected to increase from Saturday. Thanka has also started scaring people. The rain is proving good for the crops of the farmers. It was a day of rain across the state on Friday. The sky is cloudy on Saturday as well. According to the Meteorological Department, there is a possibility of good monsoon ahead. The sky is cloudy because of the active monsoon.

Maximum death due to lightning during monsoon

There is a possibility of moderate rainfall in 33 districts of Bihar including Patna. At the same time, according to meteorologists, this danger can be avoided by taking a little care. Most of the people die due to rain during monsoon. The Bihar State Disaster Management Authority had prepared a database till June so that the information about these disasters reaches the people first and the least number of people get affected by it. According to the authority, common people including government officials, public representatives, Jeevika, Anganwadi workers, assistants and Asha were also included in the database. Information is being given to all of them together before the disaster.

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People benefited from SMS alert

It is known that people benefit from SMS alerts. Alerts of thunder and lightning are sent to people’s phones. In this regard, the Authority had trained all the government officers and personnel, so that people can be alerted after receiving the SMS. In the recent past, a public awareness campaign was also launched in the state regarding Thanka. Information is also given by the department through social media and website. Information regarding weather alerts in Bihar can be obtained through the Twitter of Meteorological Center, Patna. Along with this, information can also be obtained through the website.

Thanka killed 149 people in the year 2022

If there is going to be a thunderclap anywhere, then people get information about it. People get the information about the thangka happening in the surrounding area in advance. People get alerted by this. Also, you can avoid going out at the time of Thanka’s alert. Because avoiding going out and staying at home is the best way to avoid Thanka. It is known that in the year 2018, 139 deaths have been confirmed from Thanka, 253 in the year 2019, 459 in the year 2020, 280 in the year 2021 and 149 in the year 2022. Whereas, in the year 2023 also many people have died due to lightning.

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