After the big success of Trinamool in East Burdwan, the tussle started to get the post on various posts.


Burdwan / Panagarh, Mukesh Tiwari : There is no possibility of re-election on any seat of East Burdwan district. After the results were declared, it was seen that the ruling Trinamool Congress has won most of the Gram Panchayat, Zilla Parishad and Panchayat Samiti seats in East Burdwan district. And after this, speculation started among the leaders about who would hold which position. In Gram Panchayat, Zilla Parishad and Panchayat Samiti, many candidates have started expressing their candidature for the post of head, deputy head, head and head. The question is whether the previous winners will sit on the old posts or other party leaders will be given a chance. According to a party source, new faces can be brought forward on the posts of Panchayat Samiti, Gram Panchayat and Zilla Parishad. As a result, many possibilities have arisen. Again, many of those who held various executive posts could not be party candidates this time.

these guys won

Trinamool Congress candidates have won all the seats of East Burdwan Zilla Parishad. The candidates of the anti-incumbency camp could not win a single seat. Like last time, this time also Trinamool Congress has won a total of 66 seats. Apart from this, Trinamool Congress has won 208 out of 215 gram panchayats in 23 blocks of the district. Out of the remaining 7, BJP has won 2 and Left has won 1. At the same time, the total number of seats in 23 Panchayat Samiti is 640, out of which TMC has won 613 seats. BJP won 15 and CPM won 11 seats. Apart from this, the ruling party has also captured Mangalkot and Ketugram-1 Panchayat Samiti unopposed.

Will Shampa Dhara continue to be the president of Burdwan Zilla Parishad?

After the declaration of the results of all the regions, speculation has started within Trinamool about the posts in various regions. The question has been raised whether Shampa Dhara will continue as the president of Burdwan Zilla Parishad or a new face will be brought in. This time there is no reservation for women on the post of Zilla Parishad President. Last time due to women’s reservation, Shampa Dhara was made the president and Debu Tudu was made the vice-president. This time both have won. In this situation, Shampa Dhara is far ahead. However, according to party sources, new faces can be brought in by making some changes in the posts of co-president and executive. According to that decision, Devnarayan Guha, the candidate who won the Zilla Parishad seat of Burdwan-1 block, can be made the co-president this time. It is also expected that the support of most of the leaders of the district committee of the party will be received.

Devnarayan Guha is a unique leader with always smiling and transparent image among the workers. The leader has no problem with the claims of corruption and nepotism. He is the president of a famous cooperative society in the city. Last time he became the Vice President of Burdwan-1 Block Panchayat Samiti for the second time after holding various posts step by step. His followers claim that he has contributed to the implementation of several projects aimed at agricultural development and employment. However, if veteran Debu Tudu is retained as co-chairman, Devanarayana Guha may be appointed as the chairman. Apart from this, Mithu Majhi, who won from Jamalpur, Mehboob Mandal, who won from Galsi, can again sit on the post of chairman. Due to the fact that many office bearers could not become candidates for the party, the fate of new people as office bearers of those permanent associations has come to the fore.

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