TMC’s sharp reaction to Amit Shah’s statement on Bengal Panchayat elections, Derek said this


The ruling Trinamool Congress (TMC) in West Bengal termed Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s comments on violence in panchayat polls as ‘inappropriate and insensitive’. The party asked Shah about his ministry’s role in efforts to restore peace in violence-hit Manipur. TMC’s national spokesperson and Rajya Sabha leader Derek O’Brien said that instead of showing sympathy to the families of those killed in the violence, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders are rejoicing over the vote percentage.

TMC leader Derek O’Brien attacked Amit Shah by tweeting

Union Home Minister and former BJP national president Amit Shah said on Friday that even ‘horrific violence’ could not stop the BJP from performing brilliantly in the elections. O’Brien tweeted on Friday, ‘Home Minister Amit Shah ji, what an inappropriate, insensitive statement you have made. How low can you stoop? As the Home Minister, you have the responsibility to protect the people and establish peace in the country. Instead of showing sympathy towards the bereaved families, you are flaunting the politics of fake vote percentage.

TMC called Amit Shah’s statement shameful

He said, ‘And this is shameful, as well as the vote percentage you are telling is also wrong. The vote percentage of your party has declined. The TMC leader said that the people of West Bengal have once again rejected the BJP. He tweeted, ‘I ask, what are you doing about Manipur? What are you doing about J&K? Courtesy and humanity are two words, which are not in your dictionary.

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Amit Shah gave this statement

This comment of the TMC leader has come when Amit Shah said in a tweet, ‘Even the horrific violence in West Bengal could not stop the BJP from performing brilliantly in the panchayat elections. The BJP has almost doubled its number of seats since the last election, which is a sign of a significant increase in people’s confidence. The BJP’s West Bengal unit said TMC’s comments against Shah “reflect the frustration of the party after the truth came to the fore”.

BJP won more than 9700 seats

Let us tell you that Trinamool Congress won more than 35 thousand seats in the three-tier panchayat elections in West Bengal in the voting for more than 73 thousand seats. However, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has also won more than 9700 seats, which is much better than its previous performance. It would also be relevant to mention here that there was a lot of violence in West Bengal during the panchayat elections. Violence started only after the announcement of Panchayat elections on 8 June 2023.

Violence continues even after counting of votes

This phase of violence in Bengal continued even after the counting of votes for the panchayat elections. It is being told that 54 people have died so far in the election violence. Due to the violence in the panchayat elections, both the West Bengal Government and the West Bengal State Election Commission faced a lot of trouble in the Calcutta High Court. Along with the High Court, the Supreme Court also reprimanded the Election Commission when the State Election Commission reached the Supreme Court to appeal against the appointment of central forces in the elections.

West Bengal: Tremendous victory of Trinamool Congress in Panchayat elections before Lok Sabha elections

Congress, CPI(M), BJP demand deployment of central forces

It may be noted that when violence started after the announcement of Panchayat elections in West Bengal, Congress, CPI (M) as well as BJP also demanded voting in the deployment of central forces. Trinamool Congress and State Election Commissioner Rajiv Sinha opposed it. Rajeev Sinha said that there is no justification to distrust the state police. When the matter reached the Calcutta High Court, the Honorable Judge gave instructions to deploy central forces. Along with the state government, the Election Commission also reached the Supreme Court, demanding to reverse this instruction.

18 people died on the day of panchayat elections

During the hearing of this case, the Supreme Court strongly reprimanded the Election Commission. The court said that the commission is an impartial institution. He should arrange for free and fair elections. In such a situation, how did he reach the Supreme Court with a petition against the appointment of central forces. Later, the State Election Commission demanded central forces from the Center. A large number of central forces were sent to Bengal, but they were not deployed on July 8, 2023, the day of polling. Due to this, about 18 people died in a day. However, only 10 deaths were officially confirmed.



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