big statement of lg of delhi said about flood this is not the time to make allegations sbh | Big statement of LG of Delhi, said about flood


Talking on the matter, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal said that water is coming at different places due to different reasons like here at ITO due to damaged drain, somewhere water has come due to Yamuna. But, now relief will start coming because gradually the water level has started going down. At present the water level has come up to 208.38. On the other hand, while talking about the water cut in Delhi, Kejriwal said that due to floods, Yamuna water has entered the pump room and machine. If we run the plant then current will come in them. Till the water level does not decrease and even after 24 hours after the water level decreases, we cannot run the machines as it will take time to dry the machines. (with language input)


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