A young man raped a middle-aged woman in Gumla, arrested


The case of raping a 55-year-old woman of Jari block has come to light. Jari resident Ishwar Lohra (25) raped the woman on Friday morning by taking her to a forest named Amba Bhadra. Giving information about the incident, the victim said that I was going to my daughter’s house from my house. At the same time Ishwar Lohra, a resident of Jari, was following me.

As soon as I reached near the forest named Amba Bhadra, he also reached me by walking fast and raped me by dragging her to the forest named Amba Bhadra. When the victim reached her daughter’s house and informed about the incident, the villagers immediately informed the ZIP member Dilip Badaik. The ZIP member gave the information about the incident to the SHO Manish Kumar. Knowing about the incident, the SHO along with his team reached the spot and got involved in the investigation.

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Taking action, the police arrested the accused Jari resident Ishwar Lohra from his house and sent him to jail, while the victim was sent to Gumla for medical treatment. After getting information about the incident, Chief Urmila Kerketta, Chief Fulmaite Devi, Rajni Minj reached the spot and while condemning the incident, everyone said that this incident is condemnable. The accused should be punished so that such incidents do not recur in future.


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