Bihar Flood: Flood situation in Bihar due to heavy rains in Terai of Nepal, water entered many villages


Bihar flood: It is raining in the Terai of Nepal for the last several days. Due to this, the water level of the rivers continues to rise continuously. It is being told that river water has entered many villages. This has created a flood situation there. Operations on the Chachari bridge and Pipa bridge built across many rivers have stopped. It is being told that due to incessant rains in the catchment area of ​​the Bagmati river in Aurai, there has been an unprecedented rise in the water level of the Bagmati river since Friday morning, while the water of the Bagmati river is flowing three feet below its banks. Due to the increase in the water level, the people of a dozen villages situated between the North and South Dam of the Bagmati Project are facing difficulties in movement. Along with this, the people of Aurai Southern region have to travel a distance of 15 to 20 kilometers to reach the block headquarters. The people of northern region have to cover a distance of 20 to 25 kilometers to reach the district headquarters. Due to the increase in the water level, the people of Madhuban Pratap, Patori Tola, Bara Buzurg Buzurg, Bara Khurd, Chainpur, Raghopur, Tarbanna, Babhangama West, Harni Tola are facing problems in movement.

Rapid rise in water level of rivers in Darbhanga

The concern of the people has increased due to the increase in the water level of the rivers. Due to the increase in the water level of Kosi and Kamla Balan, the danger of flood has started looming in four panchayats of the block. Due to heavy rains in Nepal and catchment areas, the water level of Kamla Balan river has started rising rapidly since Thursday night. In the last 13-14 hours, the water level of the river has increased by about two to three feet. However, still the water has not reached the fields. If the water level continues to rise like this, the flood water will start spreading in the villages situated inside the western embankment. On the other hand, the water level of Kosi river is also increasing continuously for the last two days. There is an atmosphere of fear among people due to rapid erosion in this river. Anti-erosion work is being done in Kunj Bhavan and Barki Konia villages.

worry of flood

Due to the continuous increase in the water level of Bagmati, flood water has spread in the lower part of Bakuchi, Katra, Patari Nawada of the block, due to which people have started worrying about floods. Ramsakal Bhagat, former chief of Bakuchi, said that if the water level continues to rise, the road connectivity to 16 panchayats in the northern part of the block may be disrupted. People have to face a lot of difficulties due to the stoppage of four wheelers from Pipa bridge. By risking their lives from the bridge, they are somehow doing traffic on foot and by bicycle. On the road from Pipa bridge to Bakuchi Chowk, about 25 feet, due to the flow of water about one foot on the road, the people coming and going have to face a lot of difficulties. Former head of Basaghatta Panchayat Ashok Sah said that the result of the government’s apathy is that even after the bridge built on the Bagmati river was damaged about thirty years ago, the bridge could not be constructed till today. Pipa is forced to move with the help of bridge and chachari. While there is a historical place in Katra block. Everyday people from far and wide come to visit the famous Shaktipeeth Maa Chamunda temple.

The water level of Bagmati river reached above the red mark in Katoujha of Sitamarhi

With the onset of monsoon in Sitamarhi, the water level of Bagmati river has started increasing in the district. There has been a decline and stability in its water level at many places. According to the District Disaster Management Office, the water level of the Bagmati river in Katoujha has reached 55 cm above the danger mark. Although its water level remains stable. On the other hand, the water level of Bagmati river is decreasing in Dheng, Sonakhan, Chandauli and Dubbaghat. While the water levels of Jhim in Sonbarsa and Adhwara river in Pupri are also increasing. While the water level of Adhwara river in Sunderpur and Lalbekiya river in Goawadi is stable at present.

Current water level and trend of rivers

river location water level

Bagmati Dheng 70.23 m

Bagmati Sonakhan 68.63 m

Bagmati Dubbaghat 60.50 m

Bagmati Chandauli 58.32 m

Bagmati Katoujha 55.55 m

Jhim Sonbarsa 80.39 m

Adhwara Sunderpur 58.32 m

Adhwara Pupri 51.17 m

Lalbekia Goawadi 70.30 m


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