Shravani Mela 2023: Shivamay is the city of Baba Basukinath, more than 42 thousand Kanwariyas performed Jalabhishek


Basukinath, Adityanath letter: On the 11th day of the State Shravani Mela Festival 2023, a crowd of devotees gathered for the darshan and water offering of Baba Faujdarinath. The temple premises, the Shivganga Ghat, the fair premises were full of Kanwariyas since early morning at three o’clock. According to the temple management, 42 thousand Kanwariyas wished for happiness and prosperity by offering water to Baba Faujdarinath. Throughout the day the temple premises resounded with the praises of Baba. Male and female Kanwariyas performed Jalabhishek by queuing up in the temple premises. The reverence and faith of the Kanwariyas in the temple is being built on seeing it. Police officers were engaged in the temple premises to control the security system and the crowd of Kanwaris.

The doors of the temple were opened after official worship

After the official worship, the doors of the temple were opened for the Kanwariyas. The queue of Kanwariyas reached Sanskar Mandap, Q Complex, Shivganga Peed. A shed has also been arranged by the district administration to protect the queuing kanwariyas from rain and sun. There was also talk about the infiltration of Kanwariyas in the queue. There is a water offering counter next to the temple exit, in which 8,000 women and men Kanwaris poured water. Let us tell you that the water poured in the Jalarpan counter falls directly on the Shivling of Baba Bholenath through a pipe. Devotees call this system as Internet Jalarpan. Eight LED TVs have been installed on the counter. In this there is a live darshan of water offering in the sanctum sanctorum of Bholenath.

Shravani Mela 2023: 41 thousand Kanwariyas performed Jalabhishek in the court of Baba Faujdarinath, Basukinath became Shivamay

1997 Kanwariyas did early Darshanam

According to the temple office, on Friday, 1997 Kanwariyas performed Sulabh Jalarpan by taking advantage of the early Darshanam system. Under this system, the Kanwariyas cut a receipt of Rs.300. After this, the devotees were made to enter the temple premises through the lion door. With this arrangement Shiv Mandir Nyas Samiti received 5 lakh 99 thousand 100 rupees. The Kanwariyas are happy after worshiping the early Darshanam.

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The temple earned Rs 1,59,325

Shiv Mandir Nyas Samiti received Rs 1 lakh 20 thousand 300 from various donation boxes located in the temple premises and Rs 24,340 from Golak on Friday. The temple received 88 grams of silver from Golak. The temple received Rs 14,685 from other sources. At the same time silver coin of 10 gram one piece and 9 coins of five gram were sold. The amount collected from the donation box and golak was counted under the supervision of CCTV in front of the officials in the temple administrative building.

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Indravarsha removes the fatigue of devotees

During the Shravani fair, a large number of devotees reach Baba Faujdarinath Darbar. With small steps, devotees queue up to reach the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. With full faith, we worship our deity. The facilities are being provided to the devotees by the district administration. In order to remove the fatigue of the queued up devotees in the scorching heat, arrangements have been made for Indra Varsha in the route line. Indravarsha works to remove the fatigue of the devotees. Cold water is sprinkled on the queued devotees through the fountain, which infuses a new energy among the devotees. After queuing up many times, the feet of the devotees start to relax, during this Indravarsha makes them feel happy.

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Kanwariyas of Sikkim offered water

A group of about 80 Kanwariyas, who arrived from Sikkim, duly offered water to Baba Faujdarinath. Kanwariyas performed aarti in a group in the temple premises. Sing devotional songs. A group of Kanwariyas got Gangajal Sankalp done by Pandit Sudhakar Jha at Shivganga Ghat, after that taking the token of early Darshanam, easily offered water to Bholenath in the sanctum sanctorum and raised slogans of ‘Bol Bam’. Kanwaria Dev Kumar Singh, Manoj Kumar, Prem Singh etc. told that for the last 22 years they have been worshiping Baba by bringing water from Sultanganj. Told that Bholenath is kind, he definitely listens to the calls of his devotees.

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