Rajasthan businessman looted in Patna, posing as police, miscreants looted Rs 30 lakh


The criminals are fearlessly committing crimes in broad daylight in Patna. To loot people, they are trying various tricks. In order to carry out one such robbery, the miscreants disguised themselves as policemen and looted a bag containing Rs 30 lakh from a Rajasthan businessman, Dev Kishan, and fled from the spot. This incident took place at 6:40 pm on July 12, at some distance from Chandraphool Apartment located at Salimpur Ahra Road number one of Kadamkuan police station. In this regard, Dev Kishan has registered a case at Kadakamkuan police station.

Came to Patna from Rajasthan on 23 June

Station Officer of Kadamkuan police station Vimalendu himself is investigating this incident. However, there is no information about the arrest of any criminal so far. Dev Kishan is a resident of Shri Dungargarh, Bikaner, Rajasthan. He had come to Patna on June 23 in connection with business and stayed at Chandraphool Apartment.

30 lakh rupees were in the businessman’s bag

After this, Dev Kishan left for Purnia in the evening of 12th June. He had to pay Rs 30 lakh to a businessman there. He kept the money in a bag of his. As soon as he left the Chandraphool apartment and moved a little further, three people started following him. After this he got suspicious, so he stopped near a shop. After some time, he started moving again, so that he could catch an auto from Daldali Chowk. Then a young man came from behind him and started strangling him with his elbow. The second person held his hand and reached with the third auto.

Looting as police

When the miscreants caught hold of Dev Kishan together, they tried to create hue and cry, then they said that they are policemen and are taking you to the police station. At the same time, both of them tell the auto driver that we are policemen. After this, he was forced to sit in the auto and both of them snatched his bag before reaching Patna Junction. After this, one miscreant got down from the auto around Bhattacharya Road turn with a bag, while the other two miscreants came under the Chirayatand bridge with him and took out the SIM and also took the mobile phone. After that they also left from there. The third one who was driving the auto went away on the pretext of bringing water.

FIR lodged in police station

After this incident of loot, Dev Kishan somehow reached Kadamkuan police station and lodged an FIR against three unknowns. The police searched the CCTV footage of Salimpur Ahra and many other places, but the culprits have not been caught. Kadamkuan Police Station Vimalendu told that the matter is suspicious, investigation is being done.

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snatched mobile phone in film style

Here, a bike-borne miscreant snatched the mobile phone of a person named Rajkumar near Peermuhani Chowk of Gandhi Maidan police station in Patna and fled. He lives near Vishnu Enclave. Rajkumar was coming towards the Exhibition Road for some work and in the meantime the bike rider miscreant reached from behind him and ran away snatching the mobile phone. In this regard, he has registered a case at Gandhi Maidan police station. The special thing is that the miscreant snatched the mobile phone in a very filmy style. He was driving the bike with one hand and snatched the mobile phone with the other hand and ran away.

The window glass of the car of the operator of a private company was broken and the bag was taken out.

Miscreants made the bag disappear by breaking the window glass of the car of Kumar Prashant, director of Balaji Agrotech and Stifling Management Pvt Ltd in Patna. 1.27 lakh cash, laptop, ATM card, passport, Aadhaar card, voter ID and other items were kept in that bag. This incident happened with him near Gandhi Maidan RBI. After this he lodged a case in Gandhi Maidan police station. Company’s Director Kumar Prashant is basically a resident of Bharpura Mirzapur, Sonpur of Saran. Police has started investigation after registering the case. The footage of the CCTV camera installed near the spot is being scrutinised. It may be noted that even on Thursday, the miscreants made the colonel’s bag disappear by breaking the window glass of his car.

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