Good news for Indian students who have returned from Ukraine, Russian University will give admission, camps are being organized in many cities of the country


Fierce fighting has been going on between Russia and Ukraine for almost one and a half years. Both the countries are facing the brunt of this war, but apart from this, the Indian student who is studying medicine in Ukraine is also facing the brunt of this war. The studies of many students have been left incomplete in the middle. However, a ray of hope has arisen after the joint initiative of India and Russia. With this initiative, the future of about 20 thousand students who have returned from Ukraine can get a new light. In fact, Russia has opened the doors of its universities for those Indian students, whose studies were left incomplete in Ukraine.

Russian University is setting up camp in IndiaNine universities including Russia’s Orenburg University, Mari University are organizing camps for admission of Indian students in eight cities of India. In which camps are being organized in cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Patna. Under which about 2500 students are to be admitted. The Education Department of the Russian Embassy in India has claimed that till now about 1500 students have been admitted to different universities of Russia after the war.

Students getting admission in third yearSignificantly, the students who returned to India after saving their lives from Ukraine were worried about the future, they were not getting admission anywhere. In such a situation, this initiative of Russia has brought a new ray of light for those thousands of students. A student who returned from Ukraine said that she had completed two years of studies in Ukraine, she was supposed to take admission in the third year, but due to the war, she had to leave Ukraine and come to India. Due to this, his studies were left incomplete. The student says that after Russia’s initiative, her problem has gone away. He told that Russia’s Mari State University is directly enrolling students for the third year.

system of special examinationRegarding the students coming to India leaving Ukraine to study, the Russian University says that this is a big problem for the students. In this case, they will be given special discount. The cost of education will also be less. About 3000 students from India will be admitted to various universities of Russia. Russian universities also saw the opportunity of special exams for Indian students. The aim behind this is that the backlog of the students should end.


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