There is no tiger in Bagaha, now crocodile has become synonymous with death, Gandak has become the biggest refuge


Garden. In Bagaha of West Champaran district, not tiger, now crocodile is becoming synonymous with death. On the one hand, tigers come out of the forest and come to the railway station, while on the other hand, crocodiles come out of the river and come to the fields. If we look at the recent incidents, people are now more scared of the crocodile than the tiger. Forest Department officials say that the population of tigers is increasing continuously in the Valmiki Tiger Reserve located in West Champaran district. The number of tigers here is more than 50. Looking at the population of tigers in VTR, the possibility of shifting some of the tigers present here to other reserved forests is being explored. Due to this action of the forest department, while the fear of tiger is decreasing among the local people, the fear of crocodile is continuously increasing in the area.

Crocodiles swallowing alive from child to elderly

Crocodiles are swallowing alive people going to the rivers from children to the elderly. The latest case is of Dumariya village of Bagaha police station area, where after completion of work in the field, when the elderly went to the canal to wash their hands and feet, then the crocodile present in the canal caught the elderly. The SDRF team also conducted a rescue operation, but till now neither the dead body of the old man was found nor the crocodile was found. A few days ago, a crocodile tried to eat a teenager who had gone to take water at Khalsa Ghat in Gandak. When the child shouted, the local people caught the crocodile, but by then the child had died. After this incident, people are scared of going alone in the river. Especially after evening no one is getting ready to go to the river.

Crocodiles come out of Gandak to the canal

According to the villagers, at the place where the crocodile caught the old man, 4-5 crocodiles are being seen there since many days. In fact, after Chambal, the Gandak river has become the second most favorite place for the habitat of crocodiles and alligators. In such a situation, a large number of crocodiles are found in Gandak. 3 canals emerge from Gandak river. Which includes Doan Canal, Tirhut Canal and Triveni Canal. The thing to be understood is that when the water level in Gandak rises or for irrigation, water is released in these canals only. Because of this, along with water, aquatic creatures also enter the canal. Giant crocodiles are also included in these. Although people do not have any problem with other creatures, but as far as the crocodile is concerned, it becomes Yamraj for the villagers.

Gandak second largest refuge

Some of the rivers present in India are such that the number of crocodiles and alligators are found on a large scale. Some rivers are such that crocodiles and alligators are found not in hundreds but in thousands. Some of these in West Champaran district of Bihar. The special thing is that there has been a significant increase in the number of these aquatic creatures found in these rivers. In a survey conducted by the Forest Department about two years ago, it was found that alligators are found in the river which merges with the Ganges. Most crocodiles are found in Chambal river in India and after that they are more in Gandak river located in West Champaran of Bihar. Apart from this, more alligators are also found in Son Gharial Sanctuary and Ken Gharial Sanctuary.

Cases increase every year during the rainy season

Although the people living near the Gandak river in West Champaran have to face crocodiles all the time, but this encounter increases a lot during the rainy days. Where on other days crocodiles remain stable in the rivers, on the other hand, when the water level rises in the rainy season, they come out of the rivers and canals and enter the fields and houses. In such a situation, the encounter between a human and a crocodile becomes completely fatal. The thing to be understood is that due to the abundance of crocodiles and alligators in the Gandak river, people living near it avoid going to the banks of the river. Actually, alligators and crocodiles living in this river are also seen on the banks, which lay eggs on the banks of the river itself.


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