Surat: Due to the inflow of water in Ukai Dam, the level reached 309.98 feet, 10 feet less than last year.


As soon as the second round of rains started, the level of Ukai Dam, which is considered the lifeline of South Gujarat including Surat, has increased by one feet in a day. When the Hathnur dam situated on the Tapi river in the upper Maharashtra-Madhya Pradesh border was filled, 13 thousand cusecs of water was released by opening 8 gates. That’s why water is coming in Ukai dam. At present the level of Ukai dam has reached 309.98 feet. The rule level of Ukai Dam is 333 feet and the danger level of Ukai Dam is 345 feet.

The upper reaches receive an average of two inches of rain.

There are 51 rain gauge stations from Ukai to Tesca, upstream of Ukai Dam. Out of which Hathnur dam has come up in the part of Maharashtra. In the last 24 hours, a total of 570 mm of rain and an average of 45 mm have been recorded in the catchment area of ​​Ukai Dam, including 3.5 inches in Gopalkheda, 2.5 inches in Karankhed, 1.5 inches in Tesca-Navatha.

Water was released by opening 8 gates of Hathnur dam

Due to good rains in Teska, Karankhed, Gopalkheda, Akola upstream of Hathnur dam, Satadhisho opened eight out of 36 gates of Hathnur dam and started releasing 13 thousand cusecs of water. Due to which the income of water started in Ukai dam. The level of Hathnur dam was recorded at 210.92 metres, which is four meters away from the dreaded level of 214 metres.

Increase in water revenue of Ukai dam since last day

Since last day, good inflow of water was recorded in Ukai Dam. Last days, 17 thousand cusecs of water had entered the dam. Even now 17 thousand cusecs of water is being received. Due to which the surface of the dam has also increased by about one feet. The level of the dam was 309.07 feet, which has now increased to 309.98 feet. The arrival of water was 17178 cusecs and the withdrawal was 600 cusecs.

Dam level 10 feet less than last year

This year the monsoon has changed the pattern. It is raining in North India at a time when the water level in the dam is less than ten feet as compared to last year due to lack of rain in the catchment area of ​​the dam like MP, Maharashtra. In July last year, the level of Ukai dam was 319.90 feet, when 77 thousand cusecs of water came in the dam. The level of Ukai Dam is about 10 feet lower than last year. While the water revenue is only 17178 cusecs.


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