Neo-Muslim Andrew Tate sells webcam contents to adult sites

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Toxic masculine Islamist influencer Andrew Tate, who wants Britain to be “fully Islamic” soon is being accused along with his brother Tristan Tate of their sexual encounter with various females through secretly planted webcam and selling those contents to adult film sites thus making millions of dollars. According to media reports, Andrew Tate thinks, Britain and other Western nations are in “free fall”, with little or no efforts to preserve their own heritage and history.

He further believes, the core value of the Judeo-Christian ethic has largely been discarded. Biblical values are now deemed to be outdated and “white supremacist”, even though Christianity originated in the Middle East.

According to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), Tristan Tate, a social media influencer whose brother Andrew Tate is known for his misogynistic views, used Caribbean-based Paxum Bank to process payments from an adult webcam platform. The brothers and business partners are currently awaiting trial in Romania on charges of rape, human trafficking and forming a criminal gang to exploit women — all of which they have denied. The United Kingdom is also reportedly seeking their extradition due to allegations of “sexual aggression”.

The documents obtained by ICIJ include a statement for Tristan Tate’s Paxum Bank account covering 2017 to 2024. It shows about US$2.6 million in payments “for services provided” by MFCXY Inc., a company that hosts an adult webcam service, as well as from other adult content platforms such as OnlyFans. The leaked records, which also contain 183 wire transfers, show that Tate transferred funds from his Paxum account into other bank accounts he owned in Romania and the UK over the same period.

Paxum, headquartered in the Caribbean island nation of Dominica – a country infamous for selling citizenship and even diplomatic positions, has developed a niche as a bank to the pornography and adult services industries, generally shunned by mainstream banks due to human trafficking and exploitation risks.

The leaked documents show that almost all of the deposits made to Tate’s Paxum account — about US$2.6 million out of about US$2.8 million total — were sent by MFCXY, the webcam platform. Transfers ranged between US$15 and US$50,000 over the period, according to the statement. The files are the first to reveal financial transactions between Tate and MFCXY.

Both Tate brothers have acknowledged operating a webcam business but claim that the women performing on camera voluntarily split earnings with them. Andrew Tate claimed he earned US$600,000 a month “during the height of his webcam business which employed 75 women across four countries”, according to British tabloid The Mirror. The retired kickboxing champion told the British publication he was inspired to launch the venture after seeing an online ad.

A now-deleted page from Andrew Tate’s website reportedly described how he would induce a woman “to fall in love with me to where she’d do anything I say, and then get her on webcam so we could become rich together”.

Romanian prosecutors allege the Tate brothers and their associates exploited seven victims using “acts of violence and psychological coercion” to force them into “pornographic acts” on camera — a form of human trafficking.

A few payments to Tate’s Paxum account came from OnlyFans, a website owned by the same person as MFCXY, which calls itself an “e-commerce solutions” company based in Boca Raton, Florida. Paxum had an MFCXY email address — [email protected] — according to the statement. Paxum’s representative didn’t answer questions about the purpose of the email address or the business relationship between the bank and MFCXY. MFCXY representatives did not reply to a detailed request for comment.

Andrew Tate has said he and his brother considered their webcam business to be legitimate, according to media reports. On a podcast in March, 2-24 Tristan Tate described the operation as a “streaming studio”. “So I ran something like this which had a bunch of models on it, some of whom were sitting around in bikinis, some of whom got more naked, I won’t pretend that it’s not what it is, you know?” he said. “The people who worked for me were very, very happy”, he later added in the same interview.

He also told the host that he “was more involved in [the webcam business] than Andrew ever was” and that he exited it several years before the Romanian charges were brought.

Paxum is owned by Anton Postolnikov, a Russian-American entrepreneur who emerged as a major investor in Digital World Acquisition Corp., the publicly traded investment vehicle that merged with Trump Media, former President Donald Trump’s media company. Postolnikov, who is reportedly the nephew of a former high-ranking Kremlin official, made the trades of DWAC stock around the same time that a trust with links to Postolnikov and an account at Paxum reportedly loaned Trump’s Truth Social US$8 million. The arrangement came to light as part of a wider US investigation into investors in Trump’s media company, according to British daily newspaper The Guardian.

Banking experts told ICIJ that accounts involving the pornography industry are considered high risk and warrant additional scrutiny. “These transactions should have definitely raised a red flag and the account treated as higher risk with enhanced monitoring”, Kathryn Westmore, a senior research fellow at the Centre for Financial Crime and Security at RUSI, a think tank in London told ICIJ.

“The fact that the transactions are related to an adult webcam company should almost certainly have prompted further investigation into the source of the funds to ascertain whether any of the funds have been generated from illegal activities or illicit content”.

She added: “For many banks, an account like this will be far outside their risk appetite and I suspect they’d want to exit the account as quickly as possible.”

Paxum declined to answer detailed questions from ICIJ. In an email, a spokesperson said: “Paxum Bank is prohibited by law from publicly disclosing any customer account information or communications that it may have had with outside authorities concerning such accounts”.

The spokesperson said that any suggestion Postolnikov “is currently under investigation for insider trading and money laundering regarding transactions related to Trump Media” would be “irresponsible and meritless”. “Neither the Bank nor Mr. Postolnikov are aware of any such current investigation”, the spokesperson said.

In a separate letter to ICIJ, a Dominica-based lawyer representing the bank warned that publication of confidential bank information could carry “severe legal consequences”.

While mainstream banks tend to avoid the risky pornography industry, the leak shows they do not avoid Paxum, despite its status as a porn industry bank. Paxum is a member of the SWIFT international payments system. The leaked files show wire transfers from Paxum to Tate’s accounts at Raiffeisen Bank Romania, HSBC and Santander UK.

In a statement to ICIJ, Santander said data protection rules prevent it from discussing individual customer accounts. There’s no suggestion the other banks knew the ultimate source of the funds.

“I’m afraid we wouldn’t be able to comment on an individual, even to confirm if they were or were not a customer”, said an HSBC spokesman. Raiffeisen Bank, for its part, said: “Raiffeisen Bank Romania has a robust compliance framework and takes its regulatory and legal obligations very seriously. Transactions that may raise suspicions are analyzed and if the case, reported. Moreover, if the bank has suspicions related to the way an account is operated by the holder, the bank will report this to authorities and can also decide to terminate the relationship”.

More controversy centering neo-Muslim Andrew Tate

Responding to the news of a Muslim billionaire winning rights to turn the Trocadero, one of London’s most famous landmarks, into a mosque, Tate expressed his happiness and had this to say about Islamic culture:

“This building is literally dead centre in the middle of London’s historic centre. Amazing news. The only alternative to Islam for the brits are pride flags as they no longer have any innate culture or patriotisim. Allah is the best of planners and I look forward to seeing The Islamic republic of Great Britain in her final form. Alhamd ulillah Britain will be fully Islamic soon”.

Tate later deleted this tweet.

As Andrew Tate looks forward to seeing the “Islamic Republic of Great Britain”, fans have been shocked by what he said. Earlier, Andrew Tate apologized for his comments on Islam and Islamic State.

Commenting on Andrew Tate’s such statement, eminent write Christine Douglass-Williams wrote in Jihad Watch:

In large part due to the subversion of the Christian ethic in the West, particularly under the influence of Islam and wokeism, instability is on the rise. The rule of law, including the freedom of speech, is under attack. In such situations, the most zealous entities generally prevail. Islam and Communist China are now the most dominant forces worldwide. Unless there is a strong Judeo-Christian resurgence in the West, the West is finished. David Horowitz’ book Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America gave sufficient warning, not only for America but for all Western countries founded on the principles of Christianity.

In 2022, Andrew Tate sparked severe controversy through a TikTok video that promoted male dominance, female submission and wealth. It garnered up to 11.6 billion views. Infamous to be the most googled man in 2022 Tate’s first communications show a rhetorical shift as he now signals to two distinct pools of fans.

In an October 24, 2022, post on his Gettr account, Tate announced that he converted to Islam, writing: “This is why I’m Muslim. Any Christian who believes in good and understands the true battle against evil must convert. ‘So be patient, Indeed the promise of Allah is TRUTH’. Quran 30:60”. The post included a video purportedly showing a transgender Methodist minister preaching at a church service.

Holding on to his red pill, blue p*ill incels (involuntary celibates), Tate tells them they are not free and “living in the matrix”. But he also signals to another fan base with the proclamation: “We must defeat Shaytan” [the Islamic version of Satan].

In October 2022, in a TikTok video Andrew Tate said in a now-deleted viral TikTok video that “ISIS are the real Muslims because ISIS do exactly what the book says. Kill everyone who’s not a Muslim and chop people’s heads off and set them on fire and be fucking raging lunatics. But all the other Muslims go: ‘they’re not real Muslims because I read the book and ignore those parts.’ Well then, you’re not fucking Muslim, because you’re ignoring the fucking book”.

This TikTok video was shared on October 25, 2022 by a pro-ISIS media outlet, Bariqah News Agency on Telegram, which praised Andrew Tate for his statements. Later, on October 29, Tate discussed his conversion and beliefs in an October 29 podcast with British Muslim podcaster Mohammad Hijab, saying that elites in Western cultures promote feminism so that women are forced to work outside the home while their children are indoctrinated through schools, the internet, and “the matrix”.

While sharing Andrew Tate’s video, Bariqah News Agency said:

“Andrew Tate – 99.99% of the world’s women hate him because he is against feminists and says that a woman’s place is in the home, and that she should obey the man. [Then] Andrew Tate announces his conversion to Islam [and] there was a massive influx of tweets by women affiliated with Islam who cursed him, including some who announced they would leave Islam because Tate joined… Good, let them be replaced… No, we have in the video clip above Andrew Tate before his conversion to Islam acknowledging that the men of the Islamic State are the real Muslims and no one besides them, because they adhere to the teachings of the Qur’an and Sunna literally, while those who read the Qur’an and disregard its teachings are not really Muslims”.

Andrew Tate discussed his conversion, views, and beliefs in an October 29, 2022 podcast with British Muslim podcaster Mohammad Hijab. Tate said that Islam reflects his beliefs about personal standards and self-reliance, and explained how Islamic theology is consistent with his belief in a strong and fear-inspiring God. Tate said that feminism has been used to sneak “insanity” into people’s minds and to convince women to avoid having kids and to not respect their husbands.

Mohammad Hijab interjected that feminism is dangerous and serves the economic interests of elites in the West, and Tate agreed, adding that the elites are scared of him because he can make them lose money and interfere with their influence. He elaborated that in modern society, currencies are inflated and both parents are forced to work in order to prevent women from sharing their husbands’ worldviews and in order to enable schools, the internet, and “the matrix” shape the future by controlling youth.

It may be mentioned here that Mohammed Hijab is known for his controversial remarks, including declaring “We love death” at a pro-Palestine rally and making threats against Hindus in Leicester.

As researchers turned to the challenge of incel and its potential for violence, Andrew Tate moved into a new scene – the toxic masculine Islamist scene, creating the potential for an incel-Islamist radical cross over, opposition to which becomes even more challenging and complex.

Following his conversion to Islam Andrew Tate has been peppered with a toxic masculine Islamism, characterized by an obsession with the male physique, a desire to rule over women and undermine values of tolerance and equality. His choice of Islamic mentors highlights the extreme path he is on. He can be seen learning from none other than Mohammed Hijab, known for his controversial remarks, including declaring “We love death” at a pro-Palestine rally and making threats against Hindus in Leicester.


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